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Tobias | Stormrunn3r 

Since my childhood – or rather since the advent of Roller Coaster Tycoon’s game demo in 1999 – roller coasters and amusement parks fascinate me immensely. Back in the days I did not ride any rides, which never prevented me from recreating the rides using the old construction kit in my grandparents’ house. The annual trip to an amusement park, whether with the school or the family, was for me the highlight of the year – we usually went to the Heide Park in Soltau, Lower Saxony – and a visit to the Hamburg Dom or the three fun fairs in Hannover was always of great interest. However, as much as I was fascinated by this topic, the right enthusiasm only came up with increased mobility and the trust of my parents in my driving skills. Starting with the large parks in Germany, I quickly visited most of the neighbouring countries. My park count raised from a few selected destinations to over 100. Before I knew it, I was already in Japan visiting the countries numerous amusement parks. 

For more then ten years, I’m writing reports about amusement parks and other attractions; I have experienced a lot and was active in numerous forums – most of which unfortunately did not survive the time. After some far-reaching events in 2011, I decided to bundle and present all my reviews on a website. Since then, the website is growing rapidly. 

In 2017, I reached the limits of my previous provider, whereupon I had to move my website. For months I was transferring all the data to the new server, changed all reports to the new layout and have uploaded and adjusted all the images. All of that was only possible because of my friend Patrick of Various Pro Sulution Systems. The result speaks for itself, although the website is by no means final. New content is waiting in every corner and I’m ready to make this site the biggest of its kind. 

Due to many international friends and colleagues, I’ve decided to translate the website to English. Park-guide is going bilingual, so stay tuned for new and exiting content. It could take a while until all reviews are translated, but I’m confident to finish this task till the end of this year.

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