The additions of the Caribe Aquatic Park

Sesamo Aventura

In 2013, the water park received a massive expansion which finally enhanced the small-scale attraction to one of the best water parks in the country. The biggest addition to the park is the area Sesamo Beach, where the Sesame Street characters found a new home within Port Aventura World. The area features a small collection of slides at El Galéon Pirata.

Rapid Race

While Sesamo Beach mainly focuses on the needs of smaller kids, Rapid Race is a true family classic. The mat racer features a nice chute down the hills while racing against five other park guests.

Ciclon Tropical and King Khajuna

Ciclon Tropical and King Khajuna are the two large scale water slides of Port Aventura Caribe Aquatic Park. The two kamikaze slides sure take a punch and are an experience for the bravest of the park guest. While the yellow slide King Khajuna is intimidating due to its 30m alone, the ride down the red slide Ciclon Tropical should not be underestimated as it is the most intense one of the two slides. Both slides are awesome to experience at least once and they serve well as giant adverts for the water park.

Pictures Port Aventura Caribe Aquatic Park


Port Aventura Caribe Aquatic Park is probably Spain’s best water park. The high level of details combined with the awesome water slides by Proslide and WhiteWaterWest sure is something you should not miss when being at Port Aventura World; interestingly that’s something a lot of people do. Compared to the overcrowded theme parks Ferrari Land and Port Aventura Park next door, the water park was not that busy. One of the reasons for that is that Port Aventura Caribe Aquatic Park is always an upcharge attraction, being included only in the 3 days, 3 parks ticket bundle.


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