A great weekend at Europa-Park

My first visit to Europa Park

Blue Fire Megacoaster

Since the roller coaster Blue Fire was new this year and first launched coaster in the south of Germany, the ride was targeted right at the beginning. This approach was absolutely justified, because where the queue at Blue Fire in the morning was only about 20 minutes, it was much longer in the afternoon. Somehow everybody wanted to drive Blue Fire.

After you have taken a seat in the very comfortable trains of the roller coaster Blue Fire you pass through a small nonsensical dark ride part to be fired with all kinds of effects at a snail’s pace. This is followed by a very modest turnaround, which, like the following element of a looping, is driven through much too slowly. The steep turn before the ascent to the block brake can be seen as the highlight of the track, as long as you don’t come to a stop in the block brake. At the right speed, the following corkscrews are a lot of fun, but unfortunately, you don’t get to enjoy it very often. The absolute outrage, which is unfortunately called the highlight of a roller coaster par excellence by the fans, is the alleged and completely miscalculated Heartlineroll towards the end of the ride on Blue Fire.

Blue Fire is by far one of the most boring roller coasters par excellence, absolutely nothing is right here and one can only hope that the company Mack Rides will recognize and use the potential of the following rides. Where the first part of the ride is much too slow, the second part on Blue Fire is unfortunately much too fast, so that at the end a powerless, boring and bad roller coaster is waiting for its guests, who, due to a lack of experience with inversions and launches, think that the ride is superior.

To wake up from the deep sleep the coffee house in the immediate vicinity of the track was tested. The coffee served there is pretty damn good and therefore the real highlight of the Icelandic themed area.

Atlantika Supersplash

After leaving Iceland in the direction of Portugal, you will find yourself in front of the impressive structure of the Atlantika Supersplash. Unfortunately the ride, as well as other rides of this type, can’t do anything, but there is a soak zone to get at least a little bit wet. The nonsensical backwards part during the ride can be supplemented by an even more nonsensical 540° turn on the first turntable, as long as the capacity is not fully utilized.

Tiroler Wildwasserbahn

To get really wet you have to make a pilgrimage to the Tiroler Wildwasserbahn, which does its age credit. Specially at this ride you can see how much Europa Park is trying to take care of its rides, as this log flume looks like new and rides like new, a thing that is unfortunately not the case in other parks. The degree of wetness is outstanding and the cave you ride through is just great.

Alpenexpress Enzian

The Alpenexpress Enzian also makes its rounds through the same cave and, like its slightly longer brother from the Soltau Heide Park, is quite convincing. But not only the Powered Coaster shows clear parallels to Soltau, you can also find a larger version of the Seerestaurant in the Heide, as well as some smaller attractions that are more or less the same.

Fjord Rafting

The Fjord Rafting also looks like a small version of the Mountain Rafting, but unfortunately the ride itself is not really exciting or even wet. The rapids, the waterfalls and the wave pool are particularly mild here. The design is nice, but you can tell the age of the Intamin ride.

Besides the HUSS Pirate in the immediate vicinity, there are not many rides from other manufacturers in the park. Besides the Zierer Wellenflug in Austria and the Zamperla attractions in the English themed area, the Chance C.P. Huntigton train there is only the Intamin Gyro Tower in the French themed area, and the biggest European roller coaster by the manufacturer B&M so far.

Silver Star

The Silver Star is the epitome of a parking lot roller coaster and makes perfect use of this fact with a suitable theming. The out & back design of the layout looks breathtaking due to the height, but rides relatively harmless. While in the first row you only get an unpleasant breeze during the ride, in the back row you experience some nice floating airtime at its best. Unfortunately, the ride has the worst queue since the invention of the queue, which is why queuing in the summer time with a waiting time of more than 20 minutes is definitely not worthwhile.


Not far from the steel giant is the dark roller coaster Eurosat, one of the best roller coasters of the park. Although the curves are sometimes quite borderline in complete darkness and the brakes are adjusted very strongly, but you wait no matter how long the queue is, at most 30 minutes, because it moves steadily forward.

Universum der Energien

Beneath the ride is one of the better attempts to copy the universe of energies at Disney. Even if the ride is only noticed by very few park guests or even found, this dark ride is definitely the most coherent one in the whole park. The theme of the dinosaurs is a bit out of fashion, but should be back on everyone’s lips by the time the fourth Jurassic Park part is released.

Schweizer Bobbahn

The Swiss themed area features the prototype of Mack’s bobsleigh run, which has nothing to offer except an attractive design. The Schweizer Bobbahn is one of the most harmless and unfortunately also boring rides of this kind. Unfortunately, one usually meets the fullest queue here, as the capacity is not very exhilarating.

Matterhorn Blitz

Similarly boring is the second roller coaster of this area, the Wild Mouse with an extended layout and an elevator instead of a lift. The Matterhorn Blitz became my 100th roller coaster and unfortunately the ride and the longest queue in the whole park was not worth it. The extended mice basically lack everything that makes the more compact and better standard mice.

Jungfrau Gletscherflieger

Probably the best attraction in this area is the Jungfrau Gletscherflieger, a ride that is very reminiscent of a Zierer hang-glider flight, but with the ground under your feet. Unfortunately, this very fast ride never managed to be widely distributed.

Fluch der Kasandra

In the Greek themed area there is a witches’ swing, which for once was not built by the Vekoma company. Unfortunately, the Fluch der Kasandra doesn’t offer a storyline and apart from the main room nothing else but a nice atmospheric music. The additional effect of the pop massage is something new at first, but absolutely unnecessary.


The nearby water roller coaster Poseidon shows how to ride a water roller coaster, because here you can even get wet with a little luck, if you are unlucky this happens even before the ride while waiting underneath the Trojan horse. Although the curvy roller coaster part offers some funny strokes, this does not make the ride worse.


Below the water roller coaster is the most airtime-rich and at the same time most family-friendly roller coaster of the whole park. Named after the winged horse, the Pegasus roller coaster offers a curvy track, which is completed at a decent speed and is perfectly tailored to the young audience.


In the Russian themed area you can visit the Russian space station Mir. Much faster, if not less exciting, is the neighbouring Euro-Mir. While you climb up the harmonious lift, you will hear one of the best soundtracks ever. Once arrived at the top, one turns a few curves around the mirror towers while the gondola is continuously turning. Before the first descent, the gondolas lock themselves so that one rides the following part either forward or backwards until one turns the gondolas by 180° on the hill. The following curvy part of the roller coaster is very intensive and remains so with the continuously decreasing radii. As it is also the case of the roller coaster Eurosat, the braking is very strong, but if one is lucky to drive backwards into the brakes, it is not that bad.

Schneeflöckchen Schlittenfahrt

Somewhat hidden is the Schneeflöckchen Schlittenfahrt, a beautiful and harmonious dark ride with dolls and probably the most cult car in the form of sledges with benches, which is why the nickname of the attraction is Bench the Ride.

Piraten in Batavia

In the Netherlands you can visit the Piraten in Batavia. Like so many others, this dark ride tries to orientate itself on Disney’s Pirates of the Caraibbean. Unfortunately, the ride does not manage to do this at all and is one of the worst and most boring dark rides for me. The much too long ride is not only a waste of time without equal, but also an ideal attraction to make someone fall asleep.


The Variety Show in the Italian themed area was similarly successful at the time of the visit. I did not notice much of the show called Magia, but the clown at the beginning of the show was quite original.


In the immediate vicinity are the dark rides Ciao Bambini and the Geisterschloss, both attractions are more or less copies of well-known Disney attractions. While Ciao Bambini was not tested by me, the completely trivial ghost train enjoyed a visit from time to time, because the Geisterschloss is not so bad after all.

In the Spanish themed area, there are two other smaller attractions, among them a sea storm ride with a decent program that most of the times, one can simply get on without waiting time. Moreover, there are some show arenas spread all over the park. Among others, the ice skating show is recommendable, whereby the actual highlight is basically each time the clown before the respective show.

Pictures Europa Park

Closing Words Europa Park

In contrast to Heide-Park, the Edeka Day at Europa Park is a particularly recommendable day. Apart from free samples at every corner, you can also enjoy numerous other activities. Strangely enough, that day was also much emptier than the day before and also open longer. If you still have enough time in the evening, you can watch the latest movies in the in-house 4D cinema, mostly in 2D, but with suitable effects.

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