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The last time, I have visited Freizeitpark Plohn, I was not at all impressed by its missing professionalism in some points. I had never issues paying with my Girocard (a German Debit Card) before and since there was not an ATM nearby, I had to drive to the nearby town of Lengenfeld just to get some cash and stand one more time in the queue before finally being able to pay my entrance ticket. This time, I tried to pay online and due to the system in use, it was not at all easy to do so on the phone. It took me several attempts – yet at the end, it worked.

Freizeitpark Plohn

With a good mood, I started my day at the new entrance area to the park, which is now situated right next to the water ride Fluch des Teutates. The Rafting by abc rides gets a good crowd during the first hours of operation, while the area close to the original entrance stays deserted for the most part of the day.


Here we find the small SBF Visa spinning coaster Drachenwirbel. Like most of the installations in Germany, this also comes in the three-loop design, whereby upwards leading righthand curves always change into a downwards leading lefthand curve. Due to the change of direction, the cars quickly get into a rotation. After several laps the ride on the Drachenwirbel comes to an stop and we can exit the ride.


The second and largest addition to the park Freizeitpark Plohn in recent years is the Mack Rides Big Dipper Coaster Dynamite. The ride is situated for most part on the land of the former Silver Mine roller coaster and reuses parts of the queue. The coaster itself is a lot bigger and offers an interesting layout.

After climbing the ride’s lift, the coaster starts with a Dive Drop, whereby the car is slowly rotated around its own axis before it plunges to the ground. At full speed we now pass through a building which gives a great near miss and race over a bunny hop shortly thereafter. A steep curve now leads us upwards. After a more conventional drop, we then enter a righthand curve close to the ground. On a small hill we rapidly change direction before entering Dynamite’s loop. We then pass the ride’s entrance in a Zero-G Roll. Finally, we now circle around the HUSS Break Dance Westernrodeo before hitting the brakes.

Dynamite is a nice addition to the park. The Big Dipper offers a great, albeit short layout which offers a well-defined play of forces. There is only one issue: It does not have a good capacity. With a total of just two cars for up to eight people, the queue can get quite long. Especially, when only one of them is in operation and can only be loaded by a maximum of 4 people due to the Covid-19 regulations. Therefore, I only rode this Mack product once.

Pictures Freizeitpark Plohn

Closing Words

As the Saxonians did not really care about Covid and only a few respected the rules, I left the park early. Overall, I had a good visit to Freizeitpark Plohn. Yet, I was not overly impressed on how El Toro developed in recent years. This coaster is by far one of the roughest wooden coasters, I have been on and to my luck, I had to ride it twice in a row as the ride operation gave an encore. Apart of that, the park’s operations were good, and I am willing to come back once everything is back to normal.


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Allwetterbobbahn Eibenstock (2015)

Early in the morning I set off for Eibenstock in the beautiful Ore Mountains to test the Allwetterbobbahn Eibenstock in the Wurzelrudis Erlebniswelt, consisting of a summer tubing track, small animal enclosures, playgrounds and a larger maze. As the first passenger of the day, shortly before the actual opening of the ride, it was time to head towards the lift hill.

Now, halfway parallel to the new chair lift and the drag lift next door, the Allwetterbobbahn Eibenstock takes you up the mountain. You leave the lift hill in a short left-hand bend, whereupon you increase your speed on a longer straight section. After a wide left-hand bend, you take off a little from your seat on a small drop, followed by a right-hand bend and then a zigzag curve. This course is repeated after a turn. Now three serpentine curves follow before you take off again on another jump. Less imaginative are further hairpin bends, whereupon after a final jump the station is almost reached.

Allwetterbobbahn Eibenstock • Wiegand Alpine Coaster

The Allwetterbobbahn Eibenstock is a nice Alpine Coaster ride without a major highlight, but with a great view of the community below. I also found the sleds with their two-point belts relatively comfortable, especially as they made the entry a little easier compared to the conventional bobs with three-point belts.


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Freizeitpark Plohn

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Theme Park:Freizeitpark Plohn
Erlebnispark Forellenhof Plohn (1996 - ?)
Address:Rodewischer Straße 21
08485 Lengenfeld
Operated by:Freizeitpark Plohn GmbH

Freizeitpark Plohn in the Vogtland region near Lengenfeld, Saxony is a medium-sized, family-run amusement park that has developed from a small trout farm including gastronomy. With its large number of family-friendly rides – including the breathtaking wooden roller coaster El Toro – the amusement park is an ideal destination for the whole family.

Fun Fact: Freizeitpark Plohn is home to the largest tree house in Germany.


Highlights of the Theme Park




The original Mackprodukt



El Toro

A GCI wooden coaster



Fluch des Teutates

A large rafting slide



Miniwah und das Geheimnis von Gold Creek City

A great indoor powered coaster




A solid family coaster



Wildwasserbahn mit Geisterbahn

The not so haunted log flume



Past Highlight of the Theme Park



Silver Mine

The wild west Flitzer