A stopover in Hastings

The Caterpillar of Flamingo Park

Flamingo Park, not to be confused with the theme park Flamingo Land in Yorkshire, is a small amusement park on the Hastings coastline, not far from the East Hill Lift, the steepest funicular in Britain.  Besides a Saltamontes in 007 design and a ghost train, there are several children’s rides, a roller coaster to be found here; the Wacky Worm Caterpillar, which attracted attention through the interaction of the ride operator with the children. Part of the area is a large pool where you can rent pedal boats. Next door there is a stop of the Miniature Railway, a big miniature golf course and a go-kart track, but all of them do not belong to the park.


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The Central Pier was also visited

Home of the Big Wheel

From the outside, the Central Pier in Blackpool is clearly the most interesting of the three piers, even if it is apparently a little more quiet. Here, one finds the only big wheel in Blackpool that funnily takes the full width of the pier. A little further on, the pier becomes a little wider and classic attractions like a Helter Skelter slide, a bumper car, two Miamis, a Saltamontes, as well as one of the traditional Waltzer rides show up in all their glory.

As also the South Pier that is located in sight, the Central Pier itself is also a little more run down than it should be. The prices here cost 10p more per token than on the other pier with rides, but they seem to work better here and especially for a waltz ride, whose cars can and must be locked by a handbrake, the extra charge of 30p in total is to be borne.

But what is a little unusual is the fact that one did not have to pass through the typical amusement arcades that can be found at every pier, but could get straight to the area of the Funfair without any deviations, a thing that specially pleased the operators of the lottery stalls. The Central Pier at least has a great atmosphere and should definitely be visited on every excursion to the English seaside resort Blackpool.


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Home of the almighty Ramses

Parque de Atracciones de Zaragoza

In the middle of the Los Pinares de Venecia, the largest city park of Saragossa, there is a slightly smaller Tivoli since 1974: the Parque de Atracciones de Zaragoza. The location itself reminds very much of the Parque de Atracciones de Madrid, the charm itself rather resembles the theme park Tivoli World near Malaga. Besides numerous classic rides, the park has a public swimming pool.

La Mina

Nachdem wir uns an einer Spielbude mit allen nötigen Tickets eingedeckt hatten ging es auch sogleich zur ersten Achterbahn. Die Kinderachterbahn La Mina fuhr sich für einen Family Gravity Coaster aus dem Hause Zamperla durchaus in Ordnung. Kinder kommen hier zumindest voll auf ihre Kosten.


The big roller coaster of the Parque de Atracciones de Zaragoza is a little older and is called Moncayo. The ride on the Galaxy, built in 1974 by the manufacturer S.D.C., convinces with its solid descents and its never-ending helices. In addition, it offers the proven ride fun as you can experience it in Germany on the roller coaster Berg & Tal – a great fun for the whole family.

Quetzal, Gran Tikal and Revolution

Directly next to it, the really beautiful and also most visited ride of the park make its rounds. It should be noted that Saltamontes is always the most popular ride in Spain. Quetzal at least is no exception. Together with the Reverchon log flume Gran Tikal, the ride creates a harmonious overall theme, but this is already broken by the Top Spin Revolution next to them.


In the immediate vicinity of the three rides is the Ramses duelling shuttle coaster, although during our visit only the front side was in operation and the rear side has been standing still for ages (editor’s note. Meanwhile the back side is in operation, but the front one is not anymore). The ride on the oversized butterfly is rather forceful and takes an eternity until you are back on the road. Splendid! Ramses is a great roller coaster in a great scenery, what more could you want?

Pictures Parque de Atracciones de Zaragoza

Conclusion Parque de Atracciones de Zaragoza

The Parque de Atracciones de Zaragoza itself has some nice corners to offer, but it does not have the charm of the Tivoli World park on the Costa Dorada, but the price is much lower, because you can get 2 tickets with your entrance ticket or arm yourself with a wristband from the beginning. Due to lack of time and money of two participants we had to count, watch and say goodbye; since not much was going on around noon anyway, this isn’t too shameful. The visit cost us a total of 5 tickets; yet, I do not need another visit here. Even though I would probably enjoy the parks offer very much, especially in the evening hours.


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