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Theme Park:Ravensburger Spieleland (since 1998)
Address:Am Hangenwald 1
88074 Meckenbeuren
Operated by:Ravensburger AG

Ravensburger Spieleland in Meckenbeuren in Baden-Württemberg near Lake Constance is one of the youngest amusement parks in Germany. The park was founded by Ravensburger AG, a well-known manufacturer of board games, puzzles and various other products. Since 1998, the park has mainly offered play fun for families with small children; since 2016, there is also the possibility to stay overnight in the park’s own resort.

What makes Ravensburger Spieleland so special are the rides, which were specially designed for the park and are based on the well-known games of the parent company. Here you are always in the middle of the action and in competition with the other park guests – great fun for the whole family!

Fun Fact:  Alpin-Rafting is the only rapids ride built by Intamin so far, with a whirlpool including the descent.


Highlights of the Theme Park




A very modern rapid river



Brio Metro

An interactive luge



Käpt’n Blaubärs Abenteuerfahrt

A dark ride adventure


Playing all kinds of games in Spieleland

Ravensburger Spieleland

The Ravensburger Spieleland is one of the youngest amusement parks in Germany. The park was founded by the famous Ravensburger AG – manufacturer of parlour games, puzzles and various other products – between its headquarters in Ravensburg and nearby Lake Constance near Meckenbeuren. Since 1998, the park has mainly offered play fun for families with small children; since 2016, there is also the possibility to stay overnight in the park’s own resort.

In general, the Ravensburger Spieleland does its own thing; one should not assume that it is a conventional amusement park with roller coaster and various carousels. It is rather the independent playground equipment that characterises the park to a large extent and thus makes it a special destination for excursions. But the fun also has its price, as the Ravensburger Spieleland is one of the most expensive amusement parks of the country.

Grüne Oase

By entering the park, one immediately finds oneself in the green oasis, a kind of farm theme area. Here you will find an electric horse-riding track, a tractor ride and an animal carousel, but also numerous smaller play facilities, the main station of the Swabian railway, a petting zoo, as well as an electric rodeo, where on several mechanical bulls the children are shaken around and this even free of charge. A show stage and several outlet stores can also be found here.


If you follow the paths in a clockwise direction, you will immediately come across the Mitmachland. In addition to three show tents, in which the children are always involved in some way, you will find the park’s large children’s driving school, the Bienenflug, as well as the interactive play equipment Max Mäuseschreck and the Bosch Car Service Mini-Werkstatt. While you shoot softballs into the holes of the oversized cheese at Max Mäuseschreck, you actually change tires at the mini-workshop with the questionable branding by Bosch Car Service; which is of course extremely practical if there is actually a flat tire on the way back. Also located in this area is the Bunte Schokohaus of Ritter Sport, where, in contrast to the absolutely great Bunte Schokowelt in Berlin, they unfortunately have no café of their own and sell their own products far above the shop value. If you feel like it, you can take a workshop here, which of course requires additional fees.

Käpt’n Blaubärs Wunderland

This is followed by Käpt’n Blaubärs Wunderland, a theme area based around the stories of author Walter Moers; known from the programme “Sendung mit der Maus”, which also has its own theme area. Here you can explore the big lake on Käpt’n Blaubärs Spaßboote, experience a splashing water ride on the Gummikutter or go on a dark ride with the well-known characters on the Abenteuerfahrt, telling several smaller sailor’s yarn stories of the blue bear. A canoe trip for the little ones, as well as the new animation studio – which can be experienced for a fee and by prior arrangement – round off the area. The second station of the Swabian railway is also located here.

Maus und Elefant Erlebniswelt

The Maus und Elefant Erlebniswelt form a dead end within the park. Next to a 3D cinema, where a purchased film is shown at regular intervals, as well as the well known Lach- und Sachgeschichten of Sendung mit der Maus (these however in 2D), you can experience a low ropes course, as well as an interesting basketball game. You can rest and relax on the sunny meadow, while the children have fun on the Moser free-fall tower Hier kommt die Maus.

Future World

In order to explain Lufthansa’s understanding of service to children in detail, it is worthwhile visiting Future World, where there is a new playground with exactly that questionable branding. The biggest attraction in this theme area is the observation tower Aussichtsturm. The most interesting one is the Galaxy-Racer, where you are not allowed to race, but you can actually drive a real (albeit very slow) car. You can also let yourself be shaken by a 4D cinema, but unfortunately the film is only a purchased standard product. Meanwhile, puzzle lovers can puzzle on an open-air stage at will.


Passing a duck carousel and a water roundabout, you will get down the mountain into the Spielewelt. Here you will find the largest game equipment, above all the Memory-Flug, in which you will be transported to different levels in small helicopters, one after the other, to uncover the fields of the game field. No less interesting is the firefighting game Feuerwehrspiel, which you can experience in a similar (and physically less strenuous) variant in the Legoland theme parks of Billund and Windsor, and which invites you to a very funny competition. The bumper car Tempo, kleine Schnecke and the very successful crazy labyrinth complete the attractions of the area.

Fix & Foxi Abenteuerland

The best known area of the park is probably the Fix & Foxi Abenteuerland, where the characters of Ralf Kauka from the comic strip that has been discontinued since 2010 have found a home and otherwise only live on in private television. Nobody has to regret the death of Fix & Foxi, according to the newspaper Die Welt eight years ago, and so I doubt very much that children nowadays have any connection to the characters at all. Well, the area is already older and in 2004 this development was not yet foreseeable; nevertheless, one should possibly think about a rebranding, after all there are certainly still some companies who would like to have their own area in the Ravensburger Spieleland.

Prof. Knox Turbo-Boote

Next to the Fix & Foxi Baggergrube, where you are allowed to dig a little in the gravel in your own excavators, there is the rubber dinghy slide Prof. Knox Turbo-Boote with a total of only two lanes and thus an almost non existing capacity, which unfortunately leads to very long waiting times, as well as the bobkart track Fix & Foxi Raketen-Blitz of the manufacturer Wiegand.

Fix & Foxi Raketen-Blitz

This powered summer toboggan run starts off with a left-hand bend, where the top speed is reached immediately. Over three jumps you race along a straight line, which is immediately followed by an upward helix to the right.  Now follows a short left-hand bend, which leads very quickly into a wide right-hand bend. A short upward helix leads you to the necessary altitude meters to start the fast finale. Basically you just make another right turn and after a short change of direction a wide left turn. After a final jump and a last left turn you reach the starting platform.

The Fix & Foxi Raketenblitz was the first faster ride of the Ravenburger Spieleland and proves in an impressive way how funny such a bobkart track can be, if it weren’t for the low capacity of the ride and the possibly occurring crawlers. The track itself is good and makes a lot of fun at full throttle, so a ride is definitely worthwhile.


The last theme area of the Ravensburger Spieleland is the Entdeckerland, where children can let off steam on small soccer fields of the VfB Stuttgart or queue up for minutes in the slide world Rutschenspaß; quite honestly, I have never seen it like this even with comparable slides in other amusement parks when there is a bigger crowd. The main attraction in this area, the Alpin-Rafting, comes from Intamin and is a truly special rapids ride.

After boarding the boat and securing the children with a life jacket, after passing the round of questions about the technically irrelevant minimum age, the trip can begin immediately. After a short left turn, you will now bob through the canal for a few metres before you reach the vertical lift of the ride. Here, one has to wait for some time before it takes one to the starting height of 12m. This is followed by what has to come, and thus, a short time later, one shoots down the 8m high shot. In the following run-out section, some water is transported into the boat and the boat is slowed down to a low speed; thus, the wetness factor is definitely there and should not be underestimated at all! A right turn and a long zigzag stretch follow before the second highlight of the course, the world’s only whirlpool built by Intamin, follows.  Bit by bit you pick up more and more speed, just before the round boat dives into a tunnel. While the ride itself is a lively pleasure, there is no moment of surprise shortly afterwards. This is the biggest weak point compared to the similar rides of the producer Hafema, where most of the times, there is a rapids waiting for you that can easily soak you. A bit disappointed, the return to the station follows, which is quite uneventful. First a wide right turn, then another zigzag stretch and finally a short left turn.

All in all, the Alpin-Rafting is of course an extremely well done major attraction, which impresses above all by the big shot ride. Unfortunately, the whirlpool is then only a nice element that falls short of the expectations. The rest of the route is also relatively uneventful, but admittedly, one should not expect a conventional ride like the one in the nearby Europa-Park.

Pictures Ravensburger Spieleland

Conclusion Ravensburger Spieleland

The Ravensburger Spieleland is an extremely nice amusement park for families with small children, who are mercilessly confronted with all kinds of advertising here. Although sponsoring is the order of the day in some amusement parks, I find it really alarming here (apart from the self-advertising for the products from our own production) because of the younger target group. The whole thing is paired with a comparably high entrance fee, which is at least 10€ above the entrance fee of comparable amusement parks in Germany and the near vicinity. There are also a lot of upcharge offers available, which is not really necessary. Thus, the Ravensburger Spieleland is only recommended if you don’t want to experience a theme park in the true sense of the word, but a charming park with numerous interactive games equipment, which, as I said, characterise the Spieleland and make it special.


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A day at Legoland Billund


Since my cousin has never been to Legoland before and his parents originally wanted to go there with him, but were unable to drive due to lack of time, I took up the challenge to drive to Billund and back to Hamburg in one day and do some coasters in Denmark at the same time. Driving on the A7 and the E45 is not very difficult, but you have to know your exit and then follow the signs to Billund. The journey by plane would be less complicated, as the airport is located right next to Legoland Billund.

Legoland Billund

After buying the ticket for my cousin, which was 34€, and showing my Merlin Annual Pass we went straight to the entrance to wait for admission. There were already bigger queues and it took some time to get into the park.


After a short orientation in the park we confiscated the Monorail. The track is comparatively short and unfortunately you can’t see much of the park. At least we could discover our next destination, which found its place here under the park’s own hotel.

Atlantis by Sea Life

The Atlantis by Sea Life is, as in Legoland Deutschland, bloody short and basically not worth mentioning. Also my cousin, who owns an aquarium himself, was not very enthusiastic about it (but he found the giant crab quite impressive). But if you want to go to a Sea Life Centre in an amusement park you should have a look at the one in Chessington World of Adventures.

Mine Train and Lego Canoe

In the following we moved to the western part of the Legoland Billund, which exists since the 70s. This area offers beside the Miniland also the biggest charm. Here you will find, among other things, the impressive theme ride Mine Train, the beautifully designed white water ride Lego Canoe with its life-size and wonderfully staged animals, as well as the first roller coaster of the park, the Timber Ride.

Timber Ride

This is a Tivoli Small, built in 1978, which has been highly decorated. The ride is very entertaining, even if the track is very short. For a total of 19 years the Timber Ride was the only roller coaster in the park.


The medieval area of Legoland Billund is also quite small, its only attraction being the Powered Coaster Dragen. Thanks to the dark ride at the beginning, the coaster features a multi-train system, which unfortunately eliminates the fast station passage. Nevertheless, the ride has managed to convince completely, the sudden speed boost with the following helix brings a broad grin to your face and also the rest of the ride is done quickly before you slowly enter the station again.

X-treme Racers

The third and most recent roller coaster is the extended Wild Mouse X-treme Racers by Mack Rides, which is oddly built with a large concrete wall (even if it was meant to be a noise barrier, the airport makes a lot more noise). Lego has managed to get the best out of the wall and has added some mirrors and figures. The ride on the ride itself is quite nice, but not exhilarating. The classic Wild Mouse layout is much more fun.

Vikings River Splash

For friends of the liquid element of H2O there is a splash battle in the pirate area, as well as a modern rapids river from the company Intamin. Unfortunately there was not enough action at the Splash Battle, so the ride ended dust-dry. There are also very few triggerable effects. The Intamin Rapids Ride Vikings River Splash turned out to be wetter, but abandoned the most common rafting elements and didn’t offer a really wet spot except for the last descent. It is also very predictable in which position you will descend the gradient at the end. The highlight of the ride are the singing stones, which made a quite fitting choice of title with “We will Rock You”.


In this area you will find, besides the above-mentioned attractions, a Kontiki, a teacup railway, a Heege tower, as well as the worth seeing pirate boat trip Piratbåde. Passing some scenes we cross the lake before we dive into a real pirate’s cave and stay there for most of the really long trip. Here we meet pirate ships, sea monsters and finally a real pirate treasure with a treasure chest. A must-do for every amusement park and Lego fan.

Power Builder

Lego City is located at the rear of the park. Here you can find the great Power Builder – a ride where a gondola carrier is hurled through space by a Kuka robot – and an interactive fire brigade attraction, which is also available in the Ravensburger Spieleland. Since my cousin wanted to force me to do some sports, this ride was tested and found to be quite nice.

The Temple

In the park’s Adventure Land you will find the novelty for 2010: The Temple is an interactive theme ride from Mack Rides. Basically a nice ride, but unfortunately our car was controlled by the system. We have seen all the important scenes, but could not get points in a big sense.


In the front area of the park there are some Frog Hoppers, a Mack Rides Old Train, the park railway and the Minibåde. Here you can take a trip around the world with small boats. On the small cruise we pass numerous oversized Lego replicas of many famous sights. A wonderful fun, where especially children should have their pleasure – after all, you steer the boats yourself.


In Billund, Miniland is not located in the centre of the park, but extends in the front area of the amusement park. Here you can find a lot of very impressive buildings, among others an oil platform, the Billund airport, or the Danish capital.

Pictures Legoland Billund

Conclusion Legoland Billund

Compared to Legoland Deutschland, Legoland Billund offers a lot more charm, but at times it seems like a wildly jumbled group, whereas Legoland Deutschland has larger and, above all, coherent theme areas. The park convinces by its cleanliness, its staff, as well as the well developed terrain. My cousin liked it in any case, because he hadn’t thought of the Lego buildings so enormously and still raves about his visit today.


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