About Nemesis Sub-Terra and some Fireworks


During the time after the first visit of this year, the Ministry of Joy moved into the park, which gave it an insane atmosphere, because wherever you looked, the Ministry of Joy was omnipresent. Since the whole action has a huge potential it would be a pity if the symbols would only be seen at SW7 next year. If you travel by car and can live without Priority Parking, you will find yourself at the other end of the park, not far from the Forbidden Valley theme area with its legendary roller coasters and the indoor attraction Nemesis Sub-Terra. From here, a monorail connects the parking lot with the entrance of the park, unfortunately, the view into the park through the windows covered with foil is hardly given. The fact that English people are not averse to joking is especially evident in the evening hours, when for example the cow train of the monorail is supposed to be greeted with a loud “moo”.

Nemesis Subterra

First Impressions

As I missed Nemesis Sub-Terra during my last visit, I had to take a closer look at it. The attraction can hardly be compared to a specific attraction, as Nemesis Sub-Terra is simply more. In a military tone of voice you are introduced to the upcoming experience. Shortly after the first preshow follows, where a newly discovered cave is pointed out, where some eggs of the legendary alien creature Nemesis have been found, which, tamed, has been used as a ride for the visitors of Alton Towers for several years.

The Experience

After entering the elevator you go down to the visitor center where one of the eggs is already in sight. After all guests have taken their places, something goes wrong. The egg breaks out and you immediately fall into the depth. While on the upper level one was only confronted with one egg, here one meets the siblings. You can feel that the crab-like creatures are not particularly friendly, especially on your legs.

Shortly thereafter, we get back on track and a countdown to self-destruction shows that we should leave the visitor center as soon as possible. It is loud, it is dark and not a soul is in range. In the elevator to the top you see yourself safe again, but even here not everything is right. The Nemesis Younglings attack the elevator, so that you can be glad to meet some employees of the Phalanx Operative, who are here for some aliens roast. Due to technical problems, we now pass through a stroboscope-like illuminated corridor, until we can see ourselves in security shortly afterwards.


Nemesis Sub-Terra is a terrific attraction, which even makes its real attraction, an ABC Rides Freefall, a minor matter. In contrast to Krake lebt! at Heide Park, which can only convince by its design, Sub-Terra offers not a specific attraction, but an experience which you should not be missed.


Towards the end of the season, Alton Towers blows up quite a lot of rockets into the air and presents a good 20-minute fireworks show, which is well synchronized to current as well as classic melodies. As Alton Towers is a quite big park, it is recommendable to get on the way early, as, among other things, the cable car Sky Ride stops its operation at an early stage. Also, some areas are widely closed and paths are narrowed down. Moreover, on these days, there is a very huge crowd of people in the park.


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Pre-Opening with obstructions and Krake lebt!


Where the REWE Family Days took place last year, this year it should be a little more exclusive, at least for the annual ticket holders of Heide Park. Thanks to an action of the radio station FFN where their listeners could come to the park for only 25€, a Shitstorm was ignited by the fans, whereby an ERT of 3 hours at the Krake and the maze Krake lebt! was initiated to keep the fans happy.

First of all, this ERT would not have been necessary and so it turned out that the two attractions were comparatively full between 10 – 13 o’clock, while the rest of the park was as if extinct. As there were only annual ticket holders in the park, the queues for renewal or (re)application were the longest during the day, especially after closing time.

Heide park and its kraken

The fully themed Krake roller coaster

After the gate was opened shortly before 10 o’clock, most fans ran to the object they had missed so longingly the previous year, the Kraken’s Mouth. A few minutes later Hauke and I were able to take a closer look at it, after all we wanted to profit from the ERT, which as mentioned above turned out to be unnecessary. After a ride in the third row, where we didn’t really notice the octopus mouth, we planned to ride in the first row. The experience in the first row is now massively clouded by the visible. Where last year there was a clear view and you could develop a certain feeling of height, today you stare at an ugly mouth.

Also from the outside the mouth looks completely out of place and so it would have been better if it had never been attached. However, one must admit that Heide Park has managed to get rid of all its critics during the winter break. In the various forums it was quite a funny picture to suddenly hear even the biggest critics saying how great it is that Heide park has created something so fast and so good. The shipwreck on the other hand is well done and equipped with all kinds of details, also the tentacles that try to pull it into the depths look very good. Unfortunately the ship is not flooded by the water fountains, also the clearance gauge is much too generous, so that no head chopper effect could be created.

Krake lebt!

The follow-up story of the Krake is told at Krake lebt!, the first all-year-round maze in Germany. In a relatively large group you are taken to the chamber of horrors and are allowed to be scanned to prove your “deep vision”. The data recorded during the process can be viewed later, if you don’t just walk past it. In the following pre-show room you will be well prepared for the story, after which you should take a closer look at the wreck of the sunken ship. The fact that the crew went a little bit crazy during the process serves as an ideal model for what follows.

After leaving the dive capsule, you will find yourself in a room that should look familiar to every dungeon visitor, the Labyrinth of the Forgotten. Depending on how much buffer you need for the opening act you can spend some time here, but the effect is better than in the dungeons in Hamburg, London or other cities. Shortly afterwards you are picked up and basically feel like in a mini dungeon, which would have been quite original, but no, you are in a Maze. In the following rooms the actors try to be somehow creepy, but banging on pots and giving you a nasty look is not enough. There was only one person who was halfway convincing and brought the mania of the crew closer. It would have been better if the people would have said more, would have portrayed their roles and their fate better and would have described the fate of the group as relatively hopeless.

The rooms in Krake lebt! are quite neat, but in total a bit too darkly lit, or as in the case of the second queue room (room consisting of simple zigzags) simply not lit at all. So it doesn’t help much if you are told that you can orientate yourself at the left wall. Especially worth mentioning and to be positively emphasized is the room in which one is confronted with the octopus and is well humidified. You can also marvel at what the Maze has made of you. In contrast to other Mazes you are not chased out with a chain saw, which is quite appropriate.

The way the Maze Krake lebt! is currently operated in Soltau is absolutely ridiculous, just like in the Italian Gardaland or the English Thorpe Park. The potential of stringing together confusing corridors is not exploited and it would be better to really make a kind of mini dungeon out of it and thus at least increase the entertainment value considerably, even if the creepy factor, which is currently not available anyway, would probably suffer. Since it was basically the first day for the crew, things can still change for the better, but I advise everyone to visit the Maze, if at all, only when the queue is relatively empty. I myself will give the Maze another chance towards the end of the season with the hope that things have changed a bit.


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