Odenwaldbob (2016)

On my way back from Stuttgart to Hamburg I stopped with all my belongings at the summer toboggan run Wald-Michelbach, which was somehow on the way. The Odenwaldbob can hardly be overlooked on the way there, after all, one winds up the mountain halfway parallel to the Kreidacher Höhe.

In a slightly sloping right turn you leave the station and pick up some speed on a straight line. After a short left-hand bend, you now cross a country road and, after a drop, plunge directly into a left-hand roundabout. At full throttle, you now make several small right/left turns and immediately after that a wide right turn. After a left-hand bend, the ride continues downhill at high speed via several jumps parallel to the lift hill of the ride. After a short left turn, a right turn follows in a slightly serpentine fashion, which then merges into the second roundabout of the ride. This releases you into a wide right turn parallel to the slope, which then releases you into two hairpin bends and shortly afterwards into the braking section. This is followed by the return to the station.

Although the track is consistently equipped with brake swords of different materials resulting in different braking effects of the magnetic brakes on the bobsled, the ride on the Odenwaldbob is consistently fun and you never really had the feeling of being too slow, especially compared to conventional rides with centrifugal brakes on the sled like the Trapper Slider at the Fort Fun Abenteuerland amusement park. The 1000m long downhill run has a good mix of different elements, which makes it dynamic until the end and therefore a lot of fun.


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Frankfurt am Main (2016)

After having spend the early morning in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, my friend Hisham and I drove to Heidelberg to meet another friend of us. Together we decided to have a train trip to the nearby city of Frankfurt, where we wanted to have a look at their art festival of lights; the Luminale. Although, I’m not the biggest fan of Frankfurt, after all I only know their busy train station and some high sky scrappers, I was very impressed by the festival, which spreads out within large parts of the city and invites you to have a very long walk along the various instalations.


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Freizeitpark Lochmühle

Theme Park:Freizeitpark Lochmühle
61273 Wehrheim
Operated by:Fam. Zwermann

Freizeitpark Lochmühle in Wehrheim near Frankfurt am Main is a small, family-run amusement park that developed from a pony farm in the 1970s. Today the amusement park houses a solid selection of family-friendly rides, interesting playgrounds and a large number of barbecue huts, which are available to park visitors for a fee.

Fun Fact: The amusement park Lochmühle has a sister park, the Erlebnispark Steinau in Steinau an der Straße.


Highlight of the Animal and Theme Park




A compact family coaster