A different kind of orbiter on the Clarence Pier

Clarence Pier

Right next to the hovercraft terminal for the crossing to the Isle of Wight in Southsea, Portsmouth is the Clarence Pier. In contrast to the piers that rise hundreds of meters into the sea, the local pier is positioned flat on the shore.

Waltzer and Twister

The attractions of the pier cover a large part of the classic English rides, so you will find a Twister and a Waltzer next to the classic English horse carousel. Where the Waltzer is unfortunately hardly worth mentioning, the Twister is quite convincing. It’s quite funny to experience at first hand what kind of movements a single motor can produce and how fast these movements can be. Alone the fact how the additional movement of the gondolas were solved deserves some attention, but unfortunately, the motion sequence is hardly variable.


Since 1980, Clarence Pier has offered a roller coaster from S.D.C. called Skyways. This roller coaster of the type Galaxy distinguishes itself especially by its seemingly endless helices and the very narrow support structure. The bizarreities of the layout resulting from the compactness of the ride, like the transition from the 900° helix to the camelback or the end of the ride become quite funny. Like on the roller coaster Moncayo from the Parque de Atracciones de Zaragoza, the cars are pushed by the staff in the station area. Due to the second car, the drops are only more abrupt in the second car, whereby the airtime in the front gets lost.

Speedy Coaster

The second roller coaster is a children’s roller coaster from D.P.V. Rides and therefore a real Pinfari roller coaster. Unfortunately the ride on the trains, known from various Wacky Worm, is rather boring, especially since the layout of the Speedy Coaster consists of only two simple ovals and the second descent is equipped with a reduction brake. Here, the comparable layout from the Funland Amusement Park with its additional helix is much better, nevertheless the kids loved the ride.

Mega Dance

In addition to a modern high ropes course and a rotor, which is not open to the public to watch the riders, the park also has a very special ride. The Mega Dance, aka Extreme Dance, aka Storm Dancer is a Fabbri Orbiter/Hard Rock. The ride is basically similar to the one of a Tivoli Orbiter, but has some peculiarities. The platform of the ride is not straight, in addition the whole setup is lifted and tilted, so that the basic motion sequence is much more than 90°. In addition, a constant rotation of the passenger carrier through the shoulder restraints is not necessary and thus quite strange hangtime is generated. Furthermore, direction changes are possible, the fast rotations however are only noticeable at floor level, because the lateral forces are perceptible.

Pictures Clarence Pier


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