A short visit to Whitewater World

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Water Park:Whitewater World (since 2006)
Address:Dreamworld Pkwy
Coomera QLD 4209
Operated by:Ardent Leisure

Whitewater World in Coomera, Queensland is the second gate park of the animal and amusement park Dreamworld. The water park opened in 2006 is the modern-day variant of the Blue Lagoon water park which served the park for 23 years. Whitewater World was built on the former parking lot right next to the Cyclone roller coaster (nowadays called the Gold Coaster).

All slides for the initial park were manufactured by Proslide, while the large wave pool was built in-house and the park’s flow rider was delivered by Wave Loch. The park started out with the mat racer The Bro, the large scale bowl slide The Rip, the Green Room Tornado funnel slide, the waterplay structure Pipeline Plunge, the water coaster Super Tubes Hydrocoaster, the kids slides of Wiggle Bay and the tube slides Temple of Huey. A year after two more bowl slides called The little Rippers were added to the Temple of Huey slide tower. The drop door loop slide The Wedgie was added to the Green Room tower in 2010 and The Triple Vortex was added to the Bro/Rip slide tower in 2014. With the installation of the Fully 6 in 2019, a bunch of bodyslides by Polin were added to the mix.

Due to our visit in the low season, we were only able to test the Green Room, the Temple of Huey as well as the little Rippers. Most of the other slides were either in maintenance or still needed to be assembled. That was a bit of a pity, as all of the slides we tested were quite fun to do. Especially the Green room with its large descent was a very thrilling experience. The temple of Huey offered a very solid collection of tube slides and the two Little Ripper cannon bowl slides spun us a few rounds inside their bowls.

Although I could not try most of the slides, I was very impressed by the water park. Whitewater World offers a very solid collection of water slides and has a great ambience. I also liked the way how the water park uses the space inside the roller coaster to its advantage. It’s quite fun to see the train of the coaster and hear the screams of the riders when they pass by. Whitewater World certainly is one of the best water parks in Australia.


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