The Stress Express to Yokohama

You can’t teach a blind person to see; unfortunately, I had to learn that more than once on this tour, because blind in the roller coaster rush, some people don’t care at all about their fellow passengers. So the second day at Fujiyama was unfortunately a very long one, which I personally wished was much shorter. I would have liked to leave for Yokohama in the afternoon rather than late in the evening. Once again, I started from the Highland Resort Hotel, but this time via the car park of the theme park to Fujikyu Highland Station. There we had to wait ages for the train. At this time of day, tickets were only available from the conductor. From there, we took the same route back to Yokohama, where this time we got off at Sakuragichō Station.

At least we arrived so late at the hotel that all the non-smoking rooms had already been booked for a long time and we were upgraded to a much larger room. Although the room stank a little of smoke, the view was outstanding and the room size itself was a dream. The whole thing was topped by the generous breakfast buffet in the hotel’s restaurant far above the city. As the Breezbay Hotel and Resort was also one of the cheapest hotels of the entire tour, it is warmly recommended to every visitor to Yokohama.

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