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Fun Spot America Orlando

Unlike its sister park in Kissimmee, the park in Orlando is gated and a security check is performed at both entrances. Tickets for the rides and attractions can be bought within the park. Like Fun Spot America Kissimmee, there is an evening wristband option, which I used during my visit.

Sea Serpent

The smallest roller coaster in the park is Sea Serpent. The ride by E&F Miler Industries is in the small kiddie ride section of the park and offers an oval layout, which is refined by many waves. The ride is enjoyable and a lot of fun for the youngest park guest.

Freedom Flyer

The Freedom Flyer on the other hand is a ride which satisfy basically everyone. Once we board the suspended family coaster, the ride starts with a short curve towards the lift hill. At the top we immediately fall in a wide left turn towards the ground. Far above the paths, we then climb up again in a similar way. A straight hilltop follows. With momentum, we now pass through a short dip, whereupon a labyrinth of narrow helices follows. Alternating right and left helices, we get faster and faster before we rush into the station at top speed. There we are gently slowed down and then come to a stop.

The Freedom Flyer is a top-class ride. The layout is fun, especially the young park guests. As the first big roller coaster I can hardly imagine a better ride. The pacing and the ride characteristics of this modern family roller coaster classic are very convincing.

White Lightning

Fun Spot Orlando’s star attraction is the GCI wooden coaster White Lightning. The ride runs along the Northern and Western boundary of park and serves as a nice background to most of the rides.

In a short dip we leave the station, whereupon the lift hill of the ride is climbed. Once the maximum height of 22m reached, we immediately plunge down the curvy first drop. Close to the ground, we are now swerving from one side of the ride to the other in a wild s-curve manoeuvre. This is followed by a double-up element with a double-down element ensuing. Back on the ground level we immediately shoot up into a turnaround where the banking of the track increases steadily before we fall to the ground. Rushing over hill and dale the track is now running parallel with the already experienced one.

After two high hills follows a slightly twisted S-curve hill, which flows into a small double-down. We now whiz over a very, very small hump before we are pushed to the right side of the train in a small curve. This is followed quickly by another very flat hill, before approaching in a short left-right corner combination the break run of the ride. 

Well, how should I judge the roller coaster?! After my first rides with Heidi – The ride at Plopsaland De Panne, which has a very similar layout, I was truly underwhelmed, but White Lightning has proven me wrong. This ride is fantastic! It is an overall very well paced coaster which is just fun to do one lap after the other.

Go-Kart Tracks

If you are looking to spend a bit of time on a go-kart track, Fun Spot got you covered. The four tracks named Commander, Quad Helix, Trasher and Conquest are pure fun. While the Trasher is a rapid track close to the ground, the other three are all multi-level tracks, featuring a bunch of helices, hills, steep drops, and tight curves. As the tracks are overlaying each other, you can hardly follow the layouts, which makes a ride on all of them a very challenging activity.


Fun Spot America Orlando offers a very solid selection of classic American flat rides, as well as some more exclusive rides, as the Enterprise or a star flyer variant featuring a new kind of flying sensation. As its sister park in nearby Kissimmee, the park also features a large Sky Coaster, which is also one of the largest of its kind.

Together with Gatorland – the alligator capital of the world –, Fun Spot America Orlando features Gator Spot – a small zoo housing Florida’s famous reptiles. Although it’s just a small attraction at Fun Spot, it is one you should not miss.

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Conclusion Fun Spot America Orlando

Orlando’s Fun Spot America is a very solid amusement park, which offers a nice alternative to the picture-perfect theme parks by Universal and Disney. You don’t need to spend a lot of time (or money) to have a good time at the park.