A first visit to Dennlys Parc

Over the years, the small family amusement park Dennlys Parc has grown up around an old marble sawmill. The name of the leisure park is a combination of the village name Dennebroeucq and the river that flows through it, the Lys.


The first attraction we encounter on our tour of the park is the Nitro double roller coaster. The ride, built by Preston & Barbieri, offers two intertwined tracks on a very compact footprint, which are designed as a Möbius loop – so it is just one roller coaster with two sections.

Once all six cars have been loaded at the same time in the station, the wild ride can begin straight away. Once you reach a height of 10 m, you have enough time to enjoy the view on a long straight section before the first shot ride begins. Both sections immediately go over an airtime hill and then into a very tight upward spiral. This is followed by a leisurely zigzag course into the block brake. While the original right-hand side of the track now completes a leisurely right-hand turn and crosses the first descent, the original left-hand side immediately plunges towards the ground. A more or less undulating left-hand bend follows on both sides before the next block brake is reached. Shortly afterwards, you enter the station. As you are now on the other side, the second lap through the layout soon follows.

In principle, the Möbius roller coaster Nitro is kind of cool, if it weren’t for the generally uneventful ride and the rather poor ride characteristics. The compact design doesn’t really do the concept any good; there are now basically two very short roller coasters, but neither of them is really convincing.

Squadron 33

Directly opposite the Nitro roller coaster is the entrance to the Aerobat Squandron 33 by Technical Park. Compared to the prototype from the Parc des Combes, the ride is less cumbersome and, with a bit of luck, you can experience a very interesting ride without necessarily being upside down.


As in any good family amusement park in France, Dennlys Parc is not short of a Soquet roller coaster. The ride on Furio begins with a left-hand bend, after which the lift hill is reached. Once at the top, we enjoy the view of the surrounding area, including the Azteca dinghy slide, before plunging down into the valley. Following the left-hand bend, we climb a hill and, after a short change of direction, plummet rapidly to the ground in a 540° helix. Now we shoot over a small hill, which is followed by a very long right-hand bend in a shallow Bayernkurve style. After another change of direction, we are drawn into another dip, whereupon we reach the station again. This is immediately followed by a second lap on the generally very nice family roller coaster.


The last roller coaster in the park is located in a Mexican-inspired corner of the theme park, where you will also find the small interactive cinema where the film Desperado 4D is shown.

Voltigo is a compact spinning coaster from Gosetto. Like other compact spinning coasters from other manufacturers, the layout consists of a simple figure of eight. As you would expect, the gondolas get off to a good start and create a nice, leisurely spin.

Crazy River

The last major ride at Dennlys Parc is the Crazy River. This is a spinning raft by Reverchon. The ride itself is refreshing and takes you over several rapids after the initial shot, and with a bit of luck you can get quite wet.

Alcion, Icarius, Temp’O, Baie des Pirates und Vigie

The other rides at Dennlys Parc are largely from Zamperla. The Alcion boat swing, the Icarius wave swinger, the Disk’o Temp’O, the Baie des Pirates ride and the Vigie freefall tower are particularly worth mentioning, all of which have been staged very harmoniously.

Bilder Dennlys Parc

Conclusion Dennlys Parc

Dennlys Parc is a very nice, albeit very small, family amusement park in the middle of the Pas-de-Calais. Just getting to the park is a great experience and, combined with a visit to the nearby Bagatelle theme park or a day at the seaside, it makes for a really nice day out for the whole family.


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A park full of bees

Parc du Bocasse

The last stop on my journey through France lies directly on the route to the ferry port of Dieppe and thus directly on my way back to England. In the small village Le Bocasse you will find the amusement park Parc du Bocasse. As so often in France, the amusement park has developed from a small restaurant. As early as 1967 the gastronome Jacques Chabaille put up some playground equipment, which was then supported by some bigger rides and the park’s first roller coaster in the 80s. When Max Chabaille took over the amusement park, not only the park grew, but also the target group of the park. In 2015, the park expanded its grounds, so that a new themed area including an entrance area could be created.

And through the elegant wooden gate we enter the amusement park. Right at the beginning of our tour of the Parc du Bocasse, we immediately notice the new orientation of the park, which is really worth seeing. Instead of alot of smaller additions, the park went bigger and more substantial. Not only do the rides here look excellent, they are also much larger than in the rest of the park.


The first one is the log flume Splash-o-Saure by the French manufacturer Soquet, which is more reminiscent of the ride Mami Wata from the Austrian amusement park Fantasiana Erlebnispark Strasswalchen and could therefore have come straight from Hafema.

After leaving the station, you quickly reach the first lift, which takes you up a few metres. When you arrive at the top you are turned around on a turntable in the direction of the descent, but you leave it backwards. Well moistened, you now bob along the canal for a few bends until you reach the central tower of the ride. In here you will find the vertical lift of the ride, which will take you up to the starting point of the big drop. Without any great skirmishes you go down immediately, whereupon a quite decent shower is waiting for you. After another bend you reach the station of the ride again. With a bit of bad luck you can get drenched by another boat – very similar to the old log flume Wildwasserbahn II of Heide Park. You leave the ride via a footbridge past the run-out section.

The Splash-o-Saure is a really good log flume. It is really nice to see more and more new rides from Soquet in the recent years. But before I get all sentimental, let’s take a look at an older ride from the same manufacturer, which is located on the other side of the park, which is divided by a road.

Train de la Mine

The Parc du Bocasse also has a classic Train de la Mine. The variant here, however, has a very remarkable helix right at the start of the ride, which makes the ride stand out a bit. The course is then skilfully and fluently initiated by a beautiful steep curve. On the following hill we change the direction of the ride for a short while, whereupon we enter another downhill helix. After two full turns we leave this helix again and immediately dedicate ourselves to a little bunny hop. After a tight turn below the first helix we immediately approach the terrain and follow the course of a small hollow. After a straight line and a left bend we reach the final curve of the ride, whereupon we immediately find ourselves in the station of the roller coaster.

The Train de la Mine is a very nice family roller coaster, but it lacks the more daring moments of other Soquet roller coasters. Nevertheless, the ride is a lot of fun and has an optical highlight and a really nice start due to its high-mounted helix.

Electro Spin and Flash Tower

As the French round boat slide rafting Colorad’Eau next door was unfortunately not in operation at the time of the visit, we will now turn our attention to the rides next to it. They are all made in Italy, and this also applies to almost the entire area of the park. The more exciting rides Electro Spin and Flash Tower are from Zamperla, other rides are mostly from SBF Visa.

Speedy Gonzales

In fact, the Parc du Bocasse offers an exceptionally large collection of smaller children’s rides. These are now gradually being integrated into the park’s theme-based activities, and some of them are certainly worth seeing. The small roller coaster Speedy Gonzales, which has a very compact layout in the shape of an eight, is still completely without design.

Pirate’s Plunder

In the back corner of the Parc du Bocasse amusement park, we then come across other fairly large rides, such as a Rockin’ Tug and a boat swing. There is also a simulator, as well as an interactive theatre by Alterface. Instead of the well-known western shooting, we go on a treasure hunt with a Jack Sparrow blend and get rid of skeletons. Terrific fun!


But the biggest surprise of the amusement park awaits us in a small hall marked Apiland. What looks like a museum about bees from the outside, turns out to be a lovely dark ride inside, which just doesn’t want to end. The ride is simply outstanding for a theme park of this size.

Jurassic Twister

On the way to the exit we take the roller coaster Jurassic Twister with us, which rides like any other Zamperla spinning coaster. Shortly afterwards I’m sitting in my car again and leave the Parc du Bocasse in a very good mood. French family parks simply have what it takes 😉.

Pictures Parc du Bocasse

Conclusion Tron-Tron-Trône

A little later I am already on the ferry to England, whereupon my journey through France comes to an end. It was nice; but it was not cheap either. However, the French amusement park landscape is definitely always worth a visit. With a few exceptions, the parks are all great, the public is usually very pleasant and the rest of the country is also very relaxed; you just shouldn’t be so fooled by French people abroad. In any case, come and visit them, it’s worth it.

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