A longer stopover at the Freizeitpark Lochmühle


The previous day was not particularly successful, with an 850 km drive from Vienna, via Munich to a job interview at a company that had not contacted me again despite an agreement, and a visit to the Auto- und Technikmuseum in Sinsheim, whose Heege product range was already shut down 15 minutes before closing time, going to Weiterstadt. To make the 500 km distance back to Hamburg a little more interesting, a visit to Hesse’s most famous amusement park, the Freizeitpark Lochmühle, was planned.

Freizeitpark Lochmühle

The Ponyhof, which emerged in the 1970s from an agricultural business with a grain mill, has developed over time as well as the constantly growing number of playground equipment into a more than well-known amusement park in the Frankfurt area. The main target group of the park are without question families with smaller children, but also barbecue-loving adults are served accordingly by the large number of barbecue huts.

In addition to numerous play facilities for children or their adult counterparts, there are also some rides to try out. Directly at the entrance, behind a small replica of the Altweibermühle (old women’s mill) of the Erlebnispark Tripsdrill near Heilbronn, you will find two Heege Butterfly pendulum rides, from which you have a good view of the valley. Also on this level is the entrance to the generously designed monorail Helikopterbahn and the three Sky-Dive rides that lead across the lake.


Past a tractor ride and numerous animal enclosures, the path leads slowly down to the valley, where the Eichhörnchenbahn (squirrel coaster) – the park’s big roller coaster – is located. The ride, built in 1992, is a somewhat older example of a Force One from Zierer, which is characterized by a common bar, which is a positive feature compared to newer examples, especially regarding the ride comfort.

In addition to the beautifully designed Robinson Wellenfahrt flat ride from the same company, there are also two Luna Loops on this level in addition to a mat slide, the Entenkarussell and the Blütenwirbel from Metallbau Emmeln, as well as the two comet swings Schinderhannesschaukel in stagecoach design, which deliver immensely pronounced airtime.

Through an underpass below the access road you will reach an area with several trampolines, a larger café and a larger electric mule track Eselreitbahn. Those who prefer to ride real animals can do a circuit on one of the park’s ponies for a small fee. The exit of the park is also from this path.

Pictures Freizeitpark Lochmühle

Conclusion Freizeitpark Lochmühle

The Freizeitpark Lochmühle is a nice little amusement park, which is characterised by its numerous play and barbecue facilities, similar to the Erlebnispark Steinau close to Steinau an der Straße. However, due to the smaller number of play activities and the strange layout of the park, the amusement park does not seem quite as charming.


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Erlebnispark Steinau

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Theme Park:Erlebnispark Steinau (since 1994)
36396 Steinau an der Straße
Operated by:Fam. Zwermann

Erlebnispark-Steinau above the community Steinau an der Straße is a small amusement park in Germany. Opened in 1994, the amusement park houses a solid selection of family-friendly rides, interesting playgrounds and a large number of barbecue huts, which are available to park visitors for a fee.

Fun Fact: Erlebnispark-Steinau is a sister park of the amusement park Freizeitpark Lochmühle near Frankfurt am Main.


Highlight of the Animal and Theme Park




The luge of the Erlebnispark


About truly small roller coasters in Steinau

Erlebnispark Steinau

Above the Brothers Grimm town of Steinau an der Straße is the small but fine Erlebnispark Steinau. The park has a rustic charm and consists mainly of barbecue huts, spacious playgrounds, some animal enclosures – in which many domestic breeds of farm animals can be found – and some rides; most of them of course from Heege.

Erlis Seifenkiste

This year the park was in the media more than ever, as the park features a new roller coaster by the manufacturer Gerstlauer. The Kiddy Racer Erlis Seifenkiste is for small kids only, as an adult person will hardly fit into the ride. For the target group of the park, the coaster is of course a useful addition, for everyone else a nice facility for the little ones.


Next door is the Sommerrodelbahn, the main attraction of the park, which cleverly makes its way down through the other rides. Theoretically, it could also be a really good luge if there were no children riding alone, who think they have to hold on to the upright lever instead of pushing it down a little. Consequently, thanks to the low or even non-existent speed, one is afraid of falling over due to the bobsleigh’s lateral inclination. Significantly faster, the bobsled climbed back up the mountain. A second run sadly seems to have been a waste of time.

Butterfly and Kometenschaukel

Fortunately, there are some interactive play options and the entire Heege product catalogue at the top of the park. One of the rides that can only be operated by several people is the Butterfly, which can usually be operated by yourself, so I had to ask a family that was lucky enough to be nearby if they could push the button. The ride feeling is well proven, but by far not as exciting and ingenious as the strongly pronounced airtime of the park’s comet swing Kometenschaukel.


With the extremely professional and informative railway Wegebahn, whose quality of the announcement can easily keep up with larger parks – the only difference is that highlights such as the Nautic Jet are mentioned during the ride, you can explore the lower part of the park without having to climb the mountain again and learn a lot about the special features of the park, which is now 20 years old.

You really have to give the park credit for being very creative in places, where some other parks should take a leaf out of their book, for example the park offers a water playground where you can play water plumber with pipes just waiting to be laid. But the park can also offer nicely arranged and bigger rides, thus one finds a cycling track, a small flat tide and a wave swinger by Zierer, which all ride themselves neatly.

Pictures Erlebnispark Steinau

Conclusion Erlebnispark Steinau

The Erlebnispark Steinau surprised me alot, as it is very similar to the Tolk-Schau in Schleswig-Holstein, only without the dinosaurs and a little more professional, although a little bit smaller. Here you can spend some time without getting bored and if you have something to barbecue, you can stay much longer. At least East Hesse’s biggest amusement park is definitely worth a visit, despite the strange-looking title.


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