Erlebnisberg Sternrodt (2011)

About 15 km from Willingen in the Hochsauerland is the village of Sternrodt, where you will find an Alpine Coaster of the manufacturer Wiegand on the Erlebnisberg with the Sternrodler. For a price of 2€30 you can take a ride as an adult, but apart from some curves and straights the ride has hardly any elements worth mentioning.

The speed that one can reach on the track is absolutely ok, but unfortunately the drive can be ruined very quickly by a sneak. Since this is a sports facility, you can regulate the sleds independently, which can cause long delays and traffic jams, especially due to anxious people. You can guess what happened. Accordingly, my credo is that it is best to ban these persons from all rides of this kind.

However, the Sternrodler is on the whole rather one of the weaker installations of this kind of summer toboggan run, in terms of ride quality it is even more boring than the Weserberglandbob and by far worse than the Alpine Coaster at the Alpincenter in Bottrop, which is more convincing by its location alone. For a little stopover, a ride in Sternrodt is at least nice; but that’s it.


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