Erlebnis-Rodelbahn Ruhla (2020)

After years of riding mountain coasters in Germany, I finally managed to come across a Mountain Coaster by Brandauer. In contrast to the more usual Alpine Coasters by Wiegand, the ride features a monorail style ride system – very similar to the Caripro roller coasters – whereby the cars are guided by a metal stripe welded on top of the pipe. The Brandauer system also allows for steeper descents, which is very frightening.

I arrived at the Erlebnis-Rodelbahn Ruhla shortly before its closing time and had to buy my token at the miniature park Mini-a-Thür right next to it. Shortly thereafter, I already started my ascent on the ride. Once at the top, the ride starts with a short right-hand bend before we immediately go downhill in a very steep manner, whereby we are simultaneously being guided through serpentines. Two large and steep jumps follow.  After this shocking moment, whereby we start to trim our velocity a bit, the track continuous in a more harmless serpentine fashion. Shortly before the end of the ride, we disappear into a forest and take a last steep curve into the brakes. This is the end of the short, but also very funny ride.

Erlebnis-Rodelbahn Ruhla • Brandauer Mountain Coaster


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