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Theme Park:Sea World (since 1971)
Address:Seaworld Dr.
Main Beach QLD 4217
Operated by:Village Roadshow

Spongebob's Boating School Blast • Zamperla Family Gravity CoasterSea World is one of the Village Roadshow theme parks located on the Gold Coast. Opened in 1971, the sea mammal park hosts a very solid selection of roller coasters, shows and animal encounters.


Highlights of the Animal and Theme Park


Dolphins / Delfine


Affinity Dolphin

The park’s signature show


Jet Coaster • Intamin Family Launch Coaster


Jet Rescue

A very dynamic roller coaster ride


Storm Coaster • Mack Rides Water Coaster


Storm Coaster

The awesome water coaster



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Theme Park:Dreamworld (since 1974)
Address:Dreamworld Pkwy
Coomera QLD 4209
Operated by:Ardent Leisure

Dreamworld GlobeDreamworld in Coomera, Queensland is the largest animal and amusement park in Australia. The park was founded in 1974 and is currently being operated by the Ardent Leisure Group. The park offers a wide range of family-friendly rides and experiences, among them you can take a plunge on the Giant Drop – the Southern hemisphere largest drop tower.


Highlights of the Animal and Theme Park


Giant Drop • Intamin Giant Drop


Giant Drop

The very tall drop tower


HotWheels Sidewinder • Arrow Looping Coaster


Gold Coaster

The unique looping coaster through the water park


Pandamonium • Zamperla Air Race



The intense AirRace


Sky Voyager • Brogent Technologies Flying Theatre


Sky Voyager

Soarin’ over Australia


Tailspin • Gerstlauer Sky Fly



A daredevil flight


The Claw • Intamin Gyro Swing


The Claw

An awesome swing



Past Highlights of the Animal and Theme Park


Buzzsaw • Maurer Sky Loop



Loopin’ the sky



Tower of Terror II

The reverse free fall coaster


High above Surfers Paradise

With about 600,000 inhabitants, the city of Gold Coast is the second largest city in the state of Queensland and the sixth largest city in Australia. The Gold Coast has a humid subtropical climate with mild to warm winters and hot, humid summers, which makes it a popular tourist destination, especially in winter. The wide beaches invite you to go surfing, even if it is a bit more difficult in Surfers Paradise due to the low waves. On the other hand, Surfers Paradise scores with its many skyscrapers and the resulting skyline, which can best be experienced from the Sky Point viewing platform of the Q1 Tower.

In theory, you can also see the nearby Sea World amusement park from here. Also clearly visible is the Sling Shot Gold Coast Fun Park, which features the Funtime product of the same name and a mini-golf course.

After a visit to the local Hard Rock Café, we strolled along Surfers Paradise Blvd for a while, with Aris looking for some souvenirs for his family. After a few metres, we came across a larger souvenir shop and most of the souvenirs were bought immediately. I found my personal souvenir of Australia in the Spirit of Australia Gallery, where I was immediately drawn into the shop by a large painting by the artist Anthony Walker. Although I couldn’t afford the large-scale “Turtle Increase Song Cycle”, I ended up going home with a smaller format of the same painting.


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