Milsons Point and Darling Harbour

After my fantastic visit to Luna Park Sydney, Aris and I had enough time to explore the area a little bit before heading to our motel. We stayed at the Garden Lodge Sydney, which was a budget motel right next to a busy highway. Due to its location close to a light rail and a commuter train station it was an ideal starting point to explore the city.

Soon after we arrived at the motel, we took the light train towards Darling Harbour, where we visited the local Hard Rock Café for a delicious meal. By the time we stepped out of the restaurant, the sun had set, and Darling Harbour showed itself to us as a great nightlife location. We continued our first exploration tour of Sydney by crossing the heritage listed Pyrmont Bridge, before we admired the remains of the Metro Monorail – a failed mode of transport built in the 1980s, which became a tourist attraction towards the end of its life – with its modern looking stations; if you don’t know the story, you might think that they would built a new mode of transport very soon and already started with the stations.

We continued our walk towards the Westfield Centre, which is home to the Sydney Tower. While the Trippas White Group is operating the facilities bars and restaurants, Merlin Entertainments takes care of the operation deck Sydney Tower Eye. Unfortunately, we arrived a bit late to have a night-time view onto the city.

As it was quite a long day, we returned to the hotel shortly thereafter.

Pictures Sydney Milsons Point and Darling Harbour


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