A visit to the legendary Orphan Rocker

The scenic amusement park Scenic World is one of the tourist hot spots of the nearby capital Sydney. The park houses several scenic attractions and a network of trails deep in the rainforest of the Blue Mountains. The park is also home to the legendary Orphan Rocker roller coaster. Named after the nearby viewing rock Orphan Rock – which unfortunately you are not allowed to climb anymore – the roller coaster winds its way along the hillside before it takes you into the rainforest of the Blue Mountains and back to the station via the Scenic World parking lots. Except for a few people, nobody has ridden the ride that was built in 1988, as most of the time, it was simply standing around due to changed standards. In the course of the time, there were some changes at the coaster but the fully functional roller coaster was never opened. Meanwhile parts of the roller coaster have been scrapped, but a large part of the track can still be visited today.


Onride footage of the funicular Scenic Railway


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