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Theme Park:Lightwater Valley (since 1976)
Address:North Stainley
Operated by:Livingstone Leisure Ltd.

Lightwater Valley, near the small English town of Ripon in Yorkshire, is a medium-sized amusement park with a large number of family-friendly rides, including Europe’s longest roller coaster: The Ultimate! The park was founded in 1976 by fruit farmer Robert Staveley and is currently operated by Livingstone Leisure Ltd.

Fun Fact #1: The park was immortalized in the first Roller Coaster Tycoon from 1999 in the scenario Katie’s Dreamland.

Fun Fact #2: Since there is no technical monitoring system on the track of the roller coaster The Ultimate, the second train does not leave the station until the first one has returned.


Past Highlights of the Theme Park


Eagle's Claw


Eagle’s Claw

A very good swing


Raptor Attack


Raptor Attack

The “hidden” gem




The Ultimate

Europe’s longest roller coaster


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