Funland Amusement Park

Theme Park:Funland Amusement Park (since 1946)
PO11 0AG
Hayling Island
Operated by:Fam. Hill

Runaway Mine Train • L&T Systems Wild Mouse • Funland Amusement ParkFunland Amusement Park on the beach of Hayling Island is a pleasant small amusement park with a good selection of family-friendly rides. The amusement park also has several amusement arcades and one of the last branches of the fast food chain Wimpy.


Highlights of the Seaside Amusement Park



Neptune’s Fury

A very beautiful Tilt-a-Whirl



Runaway Mine Train

A Wild Mouse made in Italy



Past Highlights of the Seaside Amusement Park



Drop Ride

A very intense Giant Drop from Intamin



Klondike Gold Mine

A very beautiful Pinfari Looping Coaster



Speed Flip

A truly extreme ride


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