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Theme Park:Chessington World of Adventures
Chessington Zoo (1931 - ?)
Part of the Resort Chessington
World of Adventures Resort
Address:Leatherhead Road
Operated by:Merlin Entertainments

Chessington World of Adventures in Chessington, Greater London is one of three Merlin Entertainments theme parks near the English capital London. The animal and amusement park is open all year round – although the rides themselves are only operated seasonally – and can look back on a very long history.

Founded in 1931, the park houses a variety of family-friendly rides, including the only suspended coaster made by the American manufacturer Arrow in Europe. The Vampire roller coaster offers a breathtaking ride through the treetops of the Transylvania themed area.

In general, the park is very well designed and is one of the most beautiful in the country. The animal park belonging to the park is very rich in species and a species-appropriate animal husbandry is given value. This is particularly evident in Wanyama Village & Reserve, which is located near the park’s hotel and has a large prairie, which is used by the Zufari safari drive.


A visit to the World of Jumanji
The Gruffalo and Tiger Rock
The Zufari Adventure
With Dragon’s Fury through Chessington South
A day in the world of adventure


Sea Life Chessington

Black Buccaneer


Fun Fact #1: With the Monkey Swinger it goes through the waves in a humid and happy way, as the fountains do not only serve as decoration on this wave swinger!

Fun Fact #2:Almost all the rides in Chessington World of Adventures are located in a pit so that they do not reach out over the treetops of the park. 


Highlights of the Animal and Theme Park


Dragon's Fury


Dragon’s Fury

Probably the best Spinning Coaster


Gruffalo River Ride


Gruffalo River Ride Adventure

A beautiful dark ride





The Disk’o Coaster of Wild Asia



Lorikeet Lagoon

Home of many Lorikeet



Mandrill Mayhem

The shuttle wing coaster


Monkey Swinger


Monkey Swinger

The wet wave swinger





A beautiful Wild Mouse


Scorpion Express


Scorpion Express

The powered coaster with the scorpion sculpture



Tiger Rock

Log flume through the tiger enclosure


Tomb Blaster


Tomb Blaster

A blast by Sally




The best Suspended Coaster




A truck ride adventure



Past Highlight of the Animal and Theme Park


Rameses Revenge


Rameses Revenge

A wash machine of a ride


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