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Animal Park:Tierpark Hagenbeck (since 2007)
Hagenbecks Tierpark (1907 - 2006)
Address:Lokstedter Grenzstraße 2
22527 Hamburg
Operated by:Fam. Hagenbeck

Tierpark HagenbeckTierpark Hagenbeck in the centre of Hamburg is one of the largest animal parks in Germany. The park was founded in 1907 and is still being operated by the Hagenbeck family. The park offers a wide range of animals shown in loosely arranged areas.  The enclosures of the animals are typically large and species-appropriate.

Fun Fact #1: Hagenbeck’s zoo was the first zoo in the world not using any metal fences around the enclosures.

Fun Fact #2: After Hamburg was destroyed in WW2, the elephants of the zoo helped to reconstruct the city.

Fun Fact #3: The walrus Antje was the mascot of the television network NDR during 1981 – 2001.


Highlights of the Animal Park






Brown Bears














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