Silberseebob (2015)

The last stop on my route back to Hamburg was the Silberseebob near Frielendorf am Silbersee, which I had already visited unsuccessfully two years ago. Although the closure of the ride was still a long way off this time, the way to the lake turned out to be time-consuming due to numerous route closures. Finally found, I parked my car directly behind the Nautic Jet and hurried to the ride.

Silberseebob • Wiegand Alpine Coaster

After a short briefing the trip could start right away. After climbing up the lift we immediately went over a small meadow towards the forest. In a left turn you increase your speed steadily before you go down a jump. Another left turn follows, which is immediately followed by a right turn. The path is serpentine yet very fast and leads through the forest until you reach a clearing. Here you change direction and pass two waves. Two turns later you cross the lift hill and approach the end of the ride in a zigzag trajectory.

The Silberseebob is a very nice Wiegand Alpine Coaster, which offers a good and speedy ride. For a little detour to the north or south the ride is highly recommended.


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