Hamburger Frühlingsdom (2017)

If you ask me about the ultimate HUSS attraction, I would refer to the Flic Flac. It is an insane maschine, which was born in a time when everything had to offer multiple upside down moments. Yeah, it is a product of the late 90’s. Interestingly, the Flic Flac came into existance as the Mega Dance – a modern approach of the classical Swing-Up –, which suddenly had to react to the new Shake attractions of Mondial, which just turned the world upside down, in order to stay interesting. Due to several crack problems, there are not many Flic Flacs left in operation. To the suprise of everybody, the showman Hanstein took his hand over the old Flic Flac of the showman Schrod and created Devil Rock. For many years, Devil Rock offered an insane ride sensation – as it is just the case with every ride by Hanstein –, before he sold it up to the showman Steffen. As I love this ride, I could not resist to visit this year’s edition of the Hamburger Frühlingsdom:


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