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After a few days in the city triangle of Bremen, Hamburg and Hannover, I went to the city triangle of Celle, Braunschweig and Hannover to visit the Erse Park in Abbeile, a small town just behind Uetze.

Originally I had planned to go to Potts Park near Minden, but I couldn’t get into the park because the highway A2 was closed due to a bomb clearance. After half an hour of traffic jam I decided to change my mind and make a small detour with a short stop on the way to Hamburg. Because my Navi did not save the park as a special destination (which surprised me very much, after all it knew the Magic Park in Verden), I finally found the right way after a little detour through Uetze.

Erse Park

When I arrived at Erse Park, I realized for the first time at a park of this size that they wanted my money after all. Here there was not only staff, moreover, they were very nice. The first impression promised a lot, which among other things was due to the beautiful park.

Reise in die Urzeit

A somewhat longer walk followed, past some exhibits of the primeval era, until you reach the first rides of the park. Here you will find with the Reise in die Urzeit a guided motorboat ride through primeval times, which was staged absolutely great, as well as an older Mack’s monorail, which you often find in amusement parks of the 70’s.

If you follow the path, you will soon find yourself in front of some fairy tale scenes that are more or less well done. You can clearly see the age of the scenes, and the same is true for the historical rides that are located in the immediate vicinity, which give a lovely impression.


Meanwhile, things are getting really strange with the shaky Wackeltaxis from Metallbau Emmeln, whose course of travel is extremely wacky due to the eccentrically arranged wheels. As soon as you leave the station, the shaking starts immediately. It is a pity that there are not more installations of this kind. Thus, a ride on the unique piece of equipment is a duty of each visitor of the park.

Heege and the Looping Star

Fans of the interactive rides from Heege, which are often found in wildlife parks and smaller amusement parks, will get their money’s worth at Erse Park. Apart from wonderful airtime in the comet swing, the proven roller coaster fun on the Butterfly, two skydives, a Nautic Jet, a Luna Loop and a water roundabout, you will also find a very rare ride from the manufacturer: a Looping Star. This is a small, interactive ferris wheel, where you can make the gondolas roll over.

Just as well represented is the company Metallbau Emmeln, which, in addition to the above-mentioned wacky ride, offers a self-service boat swing (as you can also find in Magic Park Verden), a carpet slide and an electronic horse riding track, with which you can gallop through a dino landscape.


Close to the horse-riding track there is a summer toboggan run from Wiegand, which does not have any mountains. Although the Bobkartbahn can only offer a very compact layout with a travel length of 300m, it convinces more than many other considerably larger facilities of its kind due to its well thought-out track layout.

Furthermore, in the rear part of the park, one finds some devices that require a sportive participation. Beside the water tricycles which are rather difficult to handle as a single person, the canoe ride is especially recommendable, because here you can get some insights into the very well presented dinosaurs.

Lost World Rafting

The ABC Rides Spinning Raft Prototype Lost World presents a similar picture. Besides the prehistoric exhibits, the prototype can impress with its built-in lift technology. The ride itself has little in common with a real rafting, but it is fun due to the winding descent. The return to the station is unfortunately very slow, as there is only a minimal current.


Since the level of wetness was unfortunately limited, the nearby rubber dinghy slides from Dutch production had to be tested. As they obviously missed to install the boat return in the middle of the layout, you have to carry your boat to the starting position yourself. Similar to the Schloss Beck you are allowed to press the button to start the slide yourself. Especially worth mentioning is the variety of slides, which besides the usual wave slide, had one steep slide and one with a curve.


The park also has a roller coaster with the so-called Familien-Achterbahn. The Force One ride built by Zierer is of course perfect for the target audience of the park and was wonderfully integrated into the park landscape. The train is much more comfortable than on newer installations, only the mechanical brake is a bit unexpected.

Pictures Erse Park

Conclusion Erse Park

The Erse Park is one of the small parks that you should definitely visit if you find yourself in this area. The staff members were all more than friendly and you never had the feeling to be unwanted. The park itself has a wonderful portfolio of rides, which you should definitely have experienced once. The continuously present primeval theme may be a bit strange at first, but can show some very well presented, although sometimes violent scenes. Fortunately, this does not belong to the image of an average small park. Erse Park is simply above avarage.


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