Warner Bros. Movie World

Theme Park:Warner Bros. Movie World (since 1991)
Address:Pacific Highway
Oxenford QLD 4210
Operated by:Village Roadshow

Warner Bros. Movie WorldWarner Bros. Movie World is one of the Village Roadshow theme parks located on the Gold Coast. Opened in 1991, the theme park hosts a very solid selection of roller coasters and shows.

Fun Fact: The park served as a model for the Warner Bros. Movie World Germany (now Movie Park Germany). The German theme park not only features a nearly identical layout, it is even home to some of the most popular Gold Coast attractions.  


Highlights of the Theme Park


DC Rivals HyperCoaster • Mack Rides Mega Coaster


DC Rivals Hyper Coaster

The largest roller coaster in Australia


Doomsday Destroyer • Intamin Suspended Twin Hammer


Doomsday Destroyer

Going upside down in a kamikaze style ride


Green Lantern Coaster • S&S El Loco


Green Lantern Coaster

A very compact looping coaster


Justice League • Sally Dark Ride


Justice League: Alien Invasion 3D

A very good interactive dark ride


Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster • Mack Rides Wild Mouse


Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster

A very fun wild mouse


Superman Escape • Intamin Accelerator Coaster


Superman Escape

An awesome launch and a great layout


Wild West Falls • O.D. Hopkins Super Flume


Wild West Falls

Going along the Rio Bravo



Past Highlight of the Theme Park



Arkham Asylum: Shock Therapy • Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaste


Arkham Asylum

The well themed SLC featuring VR and a bonus helix



Theme Park:Dreamworld (since 1974)
Address:Dreamworld Pkwy
Coomera QLD 4209
Operated by:Ardent Leisure

Dreamworld GlobeDreamworld in Coomera, Queensland is the largest animal and amusement park in Australia. The park was founded in 1974 and is currently being operated by the Ardent Leisure Group. The park offers a wide range of family-friendly rides and experiences, among them you can take a plunge on the Giant Drop – the Southern hemisphere largest drop tower.


Highlights of the Animal and Theme Park


Giant Drop • Intamin Giant Drop


Giant Drop

The very tall drop tower


HotWheels Sidewinder • Arrow Looping Coaster


Gold Coaster

The unique looping coaster through the water park


Pandamonium • Zamperla Air Race



The intense AirRace


Sky Voyager • Brogent Technologies Flying Theatre


Sky Voyager

Soarin’ over Australia


Tailspin • Gerstlauer Sky Fly



A daredevil flight


The Claw • Intamin Gyro Swing


The Claw

An awesome swing



Past Highlights of the Animal and Theme Park


Buzzsaw • Maurer Sky Loop



Loopin’ the sky



Tower of Terror II

The reverse free fall coaster


Fuji-Q Highland

Theme Park:Fuji-Q Highland (since 1968)
Part of the Resort Fujikyu Highland Resort
Address:5 Chome-6-1 Shinnishihara
Yamanashi-ken 403-0017
Operated by:Fujikyūkō Co. Ltd.

TakabishaFuji-Q Highland (富士急ハイランド) in Fujiyoshida near Mount Fuji in Yamanashi is Japan’s most exciting amusement park. The park originated from an ice skating rink in 1961.With the construction of the Fuji-Kyūkō Line in 1964, the park was renamed Fuji-Q Highland and expanded into an amusement park. Since then, the park has been operated by the railway company Fujikyūkō Co Ltd. (Fujikyū for short, hence the name Fuji-Q). In 1986, the park was upgraded to a resort with the construction of the Highland Resort Hotel. The event location Conifer Forest, as well as the shopping area La Ville de Gaspard et Lisa, two museums, two additional hotels and an onsen complete the resort.

Do-DodonpaFuji-Q Highland is famous for its Big 4, a selection of extraordinary roller coasters. Here, you can experience the fastest acceleration on a launch coaster, the steepest drop,  the most roll-overs on a 4th Dimension roller coaster and a 2km long hyper coaster. As these rides are extremely popular, they always features long queues and there might be not enough time to try any of the other rides. It is therefore highly recommended to get one of the strongly limited priority tickets for Eejanaika or Do-Dodonpa. Apart of that, Fuji-Q Highland is a nice park with an superb selection of rides and attractions. It also features a highly immersive children’s area themed to the popular series Thomas & Friends.

EejanaikaIf you want to experience the park for yourself, the easiest and fastest way to reach the amusement park is by coach from the Shinjuku station. The nearest JR train station is Ōtsuki. From here you can switch into the private Fuji-Kyūkō-line, which offers with the Fuji-Q Highland station a stop directly in front of the theme park. The train trip from Tokyo takes its time, but you can reach the theme park in time for its opening.

Fun Fact #1: When Dodonpa was transformed into Do-Dodonpa, it’s acceleration just got faster. The speed of the air thrust launch has been increased from 172 to 180 km/h and the acceleration phase has been reduced from 1.8 to 1.56 seconds

Fun Fact #2: The legendary roller coaster Moonsault Scramble was the most intense modern roller coaster. On its backwards ride through the first inversion, it pulled 6,2 G.

Fun Fact #3: The chance of succeeding in the interactive walkthrough attraction Ultimate Fort 3 is still 0%. For most people the experience ends after 20 minutes, but can go as long as 90 minutes.


Highlights of the Tivoli


Cool Jappaan


Cool Jappaan

The drenching boat ride




The roller coaster with the fastest acceleration





A truly extreme ride


Fuji-Q Highland


Fuji Airways

A fun flying theatre





The king of coaster





The extremely wet river rapids


Panic Clock


Panic Clock

The looping carousel





One of the steepest roller coasters


Voyage dans le Ciel


Voyage dans le Ciel

A fun family coaster



Past Highlight of the Theme Park


Mad Mouse


Mad Mouse

An interesting Wild Mouse