Avonturenpark Hellendoorn

Freizeitpark:Avonturenpark Hellendoorn (ab 1978)
Elf Provinciën (1936 - 1977)
Adresse:Luttenbergerweg 22
7447 PB Hellendoorn
Betrieb:Looping Group

Avonturenpark Hellendoorn in Hellendoorn in Overijssel is a medium sized family theme park. The theme park has its origins as a tea house in 1936. Over the time, playgrounds and a large maze where added. In the 70s the park developed into a proper theme park by adding a Monorail and other large scale attractions. In 1978, the park has changes its name into Avonturenpark Hellendoorn. Today, the park is operated by the Looping Group.


Highlights of the Theme Park




Balagos – Flying Flame

A Vekoma Tornado


Avonturenpark Hellendoorn


Discovery Club

An interactive dark ride





A fun family coaster





The enclosed Flitzer


Sungai Kalimantan


Sungai Kalimantan

An interesting rapid river


Wild Waterval


Wild Waterval

A classic log flume


Delicious lunch and inversions

Drouwenerzand Attractiepark

After visiting the Avonturenpark Hellendoorn and the Attractiepark Slagharen, slowly but surely a rather big hunger set in. The general food prices in Slagharen were quite high, so the route was aimed directly at the Drouwenerzand Attractiepark. In addition to the already reduced afternoon prices, the park attracts visitors with its inexpensive catering with Dutch specialities. As in the Wunderland Kalkar, the meals are included in the entrance fee, with the difference that here the infrastructure is also available and you don’t have to queue for hours for a small portion.

The actual theme park consists of two parts, separated by a bridge that connects the associated bungalow park with the reception. In the rear area you will find, among other things, a HUSS Break Dance, which unfortunately is very tame and had a less than great clearance, a ghost train slightly hidden behind it with a queue that hardly moves forward at all, a strange children’s carousel, a trampoline and a horse riding track.

In the front part of the park in Drouwenerzand Attractiepark, on the other hand, you will find most of the rides. In a very small space you can find a small park railway, as well as a small vintage car ride, but also classics like a boat swing, a Twister, a Kontiki, a bumper car or a wave flight. Friends of very interesting and strange rides will be well served with two unique products from KMG as well as a small rotating gondola roller coaster.


From the outside, the gondolas of the Jungle roller coaster very roughly resemble the chaises of Maurer Söhne, only with a much simpler technique on a round disc. The track of the Wild Twister ride built by Eos Rides on the other hand only describes a very simple double oval, which has a helix in the middle of the track, providing the only slope of the ride. The turns during the ride are rather slow, but the really interesting thing about the ride is the way the cars are locked towards the end.


A little more exciting and nerve-racking is XLR-8. This ride, designed and built by KMG, can basically only do what its name suggests, namely accelerate, and this in a rather fast way. However, the whole thing only becomes nerve-racking when you consider the disproportionately long travel time and the resulting queue times at this machine. Although you have understood what the device can do by the third time with maximum acceleration, sometimes from a standstill, sometimes while driving, these phases are repeated almost endlessly. The ride becomes so monotonous that one should not be surprised that the ride ends up stationary in a theme park. At the latest after the eighth acceleration phase it even becomes quite exhausting for the body and it feels like sitting a Fabbri Booster at top speed or in a Tivoli remix, after all you can hardly feel your legs and the field of vision slowly but surely becomes more and more restricted. Eventually you are finally released from your restraints; however, a repeat ride is not necessary.

Para Jump

More interesting, however, is the Para Jump, which can ideally be described as a windscreen wiper with rollover gondolas. You sit back to back in three gondolas of four people each. The gondola carrier performs the same movement as the other wipers of the manufacturer, but the passenger performs a back and forth movement, which is intensified by the rotation of the gondola itself. The rollovers result in a thoroughly fast and extremely funny ride, so that it is hard to imagine taking a ride on the only one of its kind.

Pictures Drouwenerzand Attractiepark

Conclusion Drouwenerzand Attractiepark

The Drouwenerzand Attractiepark is a small but interesting amusement park which you should visit for its rare rides. The food included in the entrance fee is, in combination with the already low entrance fee, a nice extra that you should take advantage of.


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Entering the adventure park

Avonturenpark Hellendoorn

Originally I had planned to visit the Avonturenpark Hellendoorn during my first proper theme park tour in 2009, but the park was not open at Easter. Even on later trips to the Netherlands, the amusement park was only characterised by much shorter opening hours and constant days off. So it was definitely time to visit the park on a weekend in the middle of the season.

Wild Waterval

A little underdressed compared to the weather, after all, various weather reports predicted sunshine and pleasant temperatures instead of very fresh climatic conditions with permanent drizzle and other kinds of rain, I went straight into the park after the obligatory ticket purchase. Past the monorail, the path leads straight to the first highlight of the Avonturenpark Hellendoorn: The Mack log flume Wild Waterval.

As one of the first log flumes of the manufacturer, this ride still has a functional double loading station. Placed in a dugout, the ride leads purposefully in a long curve and past the station towards the first lift hill. On the now higher level, you can bob along wonderfully before you rush through the channel in a surprisingly wild way. In a shallower current you approach the second lift, which takes you up to the maximum ride height of 12m, whereupon the only shot of the ride follows. Well moistened, one completes the remaining meters of the ride, which can be described as a really good log flume.


Already in sight of the log flume is the Tornado, a roller coaster of the same name from Vekoma, of which three rides were built. This is a modification of the whirlwind model, which was very popular in the early 80’s. Apart from minor changes, mainly the first corkscrew was replaced by a loop.

After you have boarded the quite spacious train, the first generation of the manufacturer, in the curved station, after a short curve you can complete the quite steep ascent in the lift. At the top you can enjoy the view only for a short time before you go down in a long right turn. This is followed by a wonderful powerful looping just before the second inversion figure is reached in a comparatively hardly inclined curve. With a proper transverse inclination it goes overhead in the corkscrew a second time, after which another curve along the first gradient is completed. On a diagonal through the ride, the braking process takes place before the ride enters the station at a leisurely pace. Unfortunately, a second round was spared despite a minimal number of visitors.

I had previously heard and read many negative things about the ride, but I am very surprised how well the ride is maintained by Avonturenpark Hellendoorn. Not only was the appearance more than alright, but the prophesied ride characteristics turned out to be simply wrong, there was absolutely no sign of a nasty blow during the barely inclined turn above the station and the rest of the track was also running perfectly, so that in the end I was even slightly disappointed to have to get off after only one lap, despite the aforementioned lack of demand.

Sungai Kalimantan

Funnily enough, half of the amusement park has already been explored by now. Thus, we went straight to the second corner of Avonturenpark Hellendoorn. Along the way there is a large part of the Sungai Kalimantan, a rafting ride from Bear Rides with some special features. At the beginning the queue goes through a beautiful designed area before it goes along the unsightly elevated concrete gutter towards the ugly double loading station.

The ride starts along the queue with a few bends before we immediately enter the big wave pool. Here the waves are relatively tame, but it’s a nice feature that can be seen from outside. The next is a hairpin bend, a thoroughly strange and for a rafting course thoroughly untypical track element, which is also not very interesting from a technical point of view. Passing waterfalls and lush vegetation the route leads into a completely foggy and illuminated tunnel. Afterwards you can admire the unaesthetic supports from below. A subsequent lift ride takes you back to the station.


After the descent from the station of Sungai Kalimantan, you will find yourself directly in front of the Donderstenen, a Force Two roller coaster by the manufacturer Zierer, which you can find in Potts Park or the Tier- und Freizeitpark Thüle. Basically it is a very solid roller coaster, but unfortunately the ride is not very exhilarating. The visual design here at Avonturenpark Hellendoorn is quite original, but unfortunately the aesthetics are easily ruined by the surrounding attractions.

Discovery Club

At the bottom of a dead end street, the Discovery Club is an interactive dark ride in the cellar of an old mansion, which in former times could probably be entered through the main entrance. For several years now, however, the pre-show of the ride is skipped and you enter the house through a side entrance with a turnstile. The cellar can then be reached by stairs or a lift. In the station the round carriages are waiting for you, which are also used by Capitán Balas in the Spanish amusement park Isla Magica. The ride leads past countless movable interiors and is very nicely designed. Unfortunately, the interactivity with the other players like in Capitán Balas is not possible, because water-spouting effects cannot be triggered.


Apparently below the Bellas Snackbar is a very special roller coaster by Vekoma, at least as far as its design is concerned. The outer appearance and a large part of the queue of the Rioolrat reminds of the roller coaster Raptor Attack of the English amusement park Lightwater Valley, only in small and not so impressive. After the descent the way leads quickly towards the station, where the channel rat is already waiting for you.

After a small bend to the right, you will immediately enter the lift of the ride. At the top there is only a very shallow gradient before you go up and down towards the ground in a wide right helix in the manner of a Bayernkurve. After a short left-hand bend and a straight line, the track leads out into daylight in another right-hand bend before entering the building again and immediately hitting the brakes. As with the Donderstenen, a second lap follows.

The Rioolrat is a thoroughly nice ride, whose layout is very reminiscent of a Zierer Flitzer. Compared to similar rides, the repetition factor of the ride is surprisingly low, which is due to the comparatively long waiting time.

More rides and the Aquaventura Slidepark

Visually, the long boat ride Jungle Monster, the small Top Spin Montezuma’s Revenge, the Enterprise Tarantula Magica and the Dino Sky Pedalo monorail, as well as the Aquaventura Slidepark form a visual unit. However, the rides and water slides in this area did not open until 12 o’clock. This is a pity, because I would have liked to test at least one of the HUSS rides, but the lack of rides and the rather mediocre portfolio of the park made it very difficult to continue the visit as long.

Pictures Avonturenpark Hellendoorn

Conclusion Avonturenpark Hellendoorn

Avonturenpark Hellendoorn is a nice little park, but the entrance fee is a little too high. The design is partly quite nice, but mostly the complete opposite, although the condition of the rides is generally very good. However, I can do without another visit in the next years.

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