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Theme Park:BonBon-Land (since 1992)
Address:Gartnervej 2
4684 Holme-Olstrup
Operated by:Parques Reunidos

BonBon-Land  in Holme-Olstrup, near the Danish town of Næstved, is an amusement park managed by the Spanish amusement park group Parques Reunidos. The park was founded in 1992 as a visitor centre for the nearby candy factory BonBon.  The design of the park is similar to that of the sweets, which are all quite unusual. For example, there is a dog-fart roller coaster, a canal-rat log flume or the boat swing Klaptorsken (where Klaptorsk means fool), which is themed after a codfish. As you can see, BonBon-Land is a very strange amusement park, but it has some highlights – however, it is important that you get used to the Danish humor.

Fun Fact #1: The roller coaster Vildswinet is the first Eurofighter from Gerstlauer. The roller coaster was designed after a wild boar and therefore has a car racing look.

Fun Fact #2: The theme park has already outlasted a large part of the candy assortment of the BonBon company. After the company was sold to the confectionery manufacturer Toms in 2001, the candy Store Babser, Dyt i Bamsen, Sillykoner and Blondinehjerner were discontinued because of their names that were not entirely child-friendly.


Highlights of the Theme Park




An awesome drop tower





A great Spinning Coaster





A boat trip around the world


Svend Svingsarm


Svend Svingarm

A very thrilling swing ride


Victor Vandorm


Viktor Vandorm

A very long family coaster





The first Eurofighter


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