Berlin (2014)

As my friend Hauke just started his job training in Berlin, I dicided to give him a visit. After a four hour long coach journey, I arrived at the ZOB right next to the fairground of the Messe Berlin, where Hauke was already waiting. Together we spent the next days exploring the remains of the Spree Park theme park in the eastern part of Berlin, the night life, as well as other attractions of the city. We also saw the musical Hinterm Horizont together, which I can fully recommend to everybody.

During the time Hauke was at work, I also went onto a guided tour by Sandeman’s New Europe, which I can also fully recommend. As always the guides of Sandeman’s New Europe are doing a great job explaning every bit of the 2 1/2 hours walk without being too superficial as other companies often are. Although our walk never guided us to far from the Regierungsviertel, there were many interesting stories to tell.

As the tour ended nearby the cathedral Berliner Dom, I also had a look inside the church. Even if you are not interested in any kinds of religion, a look inside the Berliner Dom is worthwhile. The tour also leads you to the roof of the church, where you have a great 360° view onto the city. It is actually a far cheaper alternative to the Berliner Fernsehturm at Alexanderplatz.


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