Bavaria’s strongest piece of leisure


On my way to Munich, I have already passed Bavaria’s strongest piece of leisure twice; the first time ignorant of the existence of the amusement park as a child, the second time out of respect for my passenger, who had promised to visit the park to another person for years, and a rather strict daily schedule. Since I accompanied my father on a bicycle tour along the Tauber river to the Main river, starting in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, the 30km long detour off the A7 motorway to the Freizeit-Land Geiselwind was finally tackled.

Freizeit-Land Geiselwind

The amusement park, which opened in 1969, has its origins as a bird and pony fairy tale park, a mixture that was already extraordinary back then. Although remains of the fairy tale park have been preserved, the animal enclosures dominate the amusement park, which has also featured an increasing number of rides since the 1980s. Since then, these rides have generated the greatest interest. At the same time the zoo is quite respectable and, similar to Weltvogelpark in Walsrode in Lower Saxony, it can boast a great variety of species in sufficiently large aviaries and enclosures.

T-Rex World

In terms of design, however, the Freizeit-Land Geiselwind is dominated by extinct creatures. In addition to a railway in dinosaur look and numerous figures, the dinosaurs are particularly popular in T-Rex World. This is a small exhibition worth seeing with animatronics, which were skillfully staged. Interestingly, the exhibition here convinced me more than the guided exhibition of newer Era T-Rex in the Portuguese amusement park Zoomarine, despite the much smaller size.

T-Rex Tower

In front of the hall is the T-Rex Tower, a Shot ‘n’ Drop by the manufacturer HUSS, a vertical ride that has become extinct at least at German fairs. While Robrahn’s Countdown travels through France under Fleur and Goetzke’s Freefall was sold to the Australian amusement and water park Adventure World near Perth, Roies Shot ‘n’ Drop is the only ride remaining in Germany. Like the towers mentioned above, the T-Rex Tower delivers a solid ride with a very nice shot up and drop down. Despite the lack of negative acceleration compared to the manufacturer S&S Sansei, the ride is always a little more fun due to the beautiful launch, although the end of the ride is reached after just one cycle.

The HUSS Corner

Next to two water basins with Nautic Jets and water roundabouts, which always had the longest waiting time, there is a corner exclusively consisting of rides from HUSS, as could be experienced before, in a similar constellation, in the Lower Saxony amusement parks Heide Park and Serengeti Park. Besides a stylish condor called Ikarus and a Ranger called Shuttle, you can ride an Enterprise, as well as a Break Dance. All rides offer a long ride with more or less balanced programs. I found the acceleration phases of the Ranger interesting and at the same time a bit disturbing, because it always decelerated in the valley, which was never the case with the identical Fliegender Hai ride in Hansa Park.


If you follow the paths further on you will come across the big log flume Wildwasserbahn with its three shots. This is a slightly modified version of the standard model of the French manufacturer Reverchon, which has been supplemented by a further downhill run. Although the ride reminds of a funfair of the past due to its large back wall, the general design of the ride, especially the nicely designed waiting area, is successful.

After the boat has left the station, one rumbles a little through the channel along the maintenance hall of the Freizeit-Land Geiselwind before taking the first lift. At the top you make a small curve behind the back wall on rollers until a friction wheel pushes the boat into the first shot. This is designed as a double gradient and releases you a little wet into the further course. One S-curve later it goes up again and a small right curve follows. Now the smallest descent of the ride follows and as fast as this one came, as fast the end of the run-out distance is already reached and you rapidly make another right turn. After a slightly longer straight, the boat accumulates for the last time in altitude. Arriving at the top, the game repeats itself and a high shot follows without any interruptions. Arrived at the bottom you get properly moistened just before you continue the rest of the way towards the station. By ingenious technology, which I actually noticed for the first time at the ride, the boats are stopped briefly before they are gently put on the conveyor belt of the station without crashing against the other boats.

Top of the World

Similarly interesting from a technical point of view, but on a much larger scale, is the Top of the World observation tower, which can be briefly described as a monster with a capacity of 132 people. The formerly largest transportable ride in the world measures a total height of 95 m, with a ride height of 72 m. The ride was built in the mid-90s by Nauta Bussink for the Bremen showman Finnendahl, who operated the 270-tonne structure until 1998. Compared to the modern free-fall towers of the manufacturer Funtime, the ride is very massive, which is already noticeable by the four outriggers. The tower itself is relatively wide, which certainly did not make transport easy. The technology of the nacelle, however, is very simple and is driven by two steel cables that are rolled up and down and thus lift and lower the counterweight and thereby influence the position of the nacelle. After the gondola has been lifted a little, a power rail ensures the supply of the motors for the rotation of the gondola. The ride itself, however, is relatively slow in both movements and thus offers a good view of the amusement park. Thereby, also the air-conditioned gondola is a very special, as most of the seats are designed as standing places and are arranged in two rows. Moreover, the view from the windows is surprisingly clear, as there are no traces of scratches and other wear and tear.


Quite inconspicuous and easily overlooked even from above is the Drehgondelbahn, a truly unique roller coaster at Freizeit-Land Geiselwind. This is the only spinning coaster of the company Zierer, which has been making its rounds in the park since 1994. This fact alone is more exciting than the actual layout of the ride, as there is only a simple oval with a descending helix in the middle. As simple as the track seems to be, as good it makes the gondolas turn, so that a thoroughly amusing ride emerges. For three rounds, one makes the way through the course before the gondolas are automatically aligned in the station.

It’s strange to find only one roller coaster of this kind from Zierer, because the potential to be a box office hit today is shown by the compact spinning coasters from SBF Visa with their even simpler layout. Especially for smaller amusement parks a ride like the Drehgondelbahn would be more than ideal, so a new edition of this classic ride would certainly not be the worst idea.


In an alignment with the Top of the World observation tower and the Drehgondelbahn, there is the biggest roller coaster of Geiselwind, a Vekoma Boomerang. Although it looks relatively normal from the outside it is an elaborately designed ride in Australian style, including the eponymous throwing weapon. Access to this ride is around the engine room, whereupon you are directly inside the station. Compared to similar rides, this one hardly vibrates when the train passes through, which is why, interestingly enough, televisions adorn the station.

After the driver has gripped the train, it is slowly pulled up the first ramp. At the top of the ramp it automatically disengages, whereupon the train descends and crosses the station at top speed. The train then shoots up the first manoeuvre and stands upside down for the first time, before it goes overhead again in the second half of the Cobra Roll. A classic looping, which is powerfully passed through forwards, is added. In its exit, the first brakes are applied and thus reduce the speed just before the train engages a lift chain. This in return brings the train back to its maximum height before a mechanism lowers it and thus releases the train. Now it goes backwards down the second ramp and at top speed into the loop, which has now noticeably gained pressure. The Cobra Roll, on the other hand, will pass through a little slower before the train enters the station once more and the brakes engage. The riding characteristics are, similar to the ones from the Belgian amusement parks Bellewaerde and Walibi Belgium, extremely good and invite to several rides.


On the site of the former roller coaster Marienkäferbahn, which left Freizeit-Land Geiselwind for reasons of cost and age, this year’ s roller coaster Cobra by showman Agtsch is located. In the years before, the place was already occupied by two Wild Mice, the indoor roller coaster Black Hole and a ghost train, which is understandable on the one hand, but on the other hand is not really needed due to the already large offer of rides. Because of the barriers along the ride this place doesn’t look very nice, a non-temporary attraction would surely be an advantage here in the future.

Blauer Enzian

Right next door is a Blauer Enzian roller coaster of the same name from Mack. Like many rides at Freizeit-Land Geiselwind, this is a former travelling ride, which can be seen by the two water basins that make the sole of the ride heavy. Since the bridge above the station was not built, the exit happens on the same side as the entrance. Therefore, one side of the train was closed off.

The ride begins with a wide left turn, followed by a leisurely climb. Once at the top, the train makes a downward helix to the left before climbing up a steeper straight. Now the train makes a wide downward right-hand bend, crosses under the track just passed and surrounds the first downward helix in another left-hand bend. With much more momentum, the car now crosses the station and then lap by lap the course. Except for the abrupt second change of direction, it’s a nice ride.

Fränkische Weinfahrt

In addition to a 4D cinema, which is currently showing a film in the style of Jurassic Park, the Freizeit-Land Geiselwind also offers a number of flat trips, all of which have been well designed. However, only the Fränkische Weinfahrt (Franconian Wine Ride), a teacup ride, shows the regional reference of the park. Everything else is bavarian, which also keeps the gastronomy prices in a good range.

Pictures Freizeit-Land Geiselwind

Conclusion Freizeit-Land Geiselwind

The Freizeit-Land Geiselwind is a rather neat amusement park. The rides are all in a very good condition and generally appear to be very well maintained, as are the gardens. Despite the parcel-like division of the rides, the routing does not remind of the computer game Roller Coaster Tycoon, a state of affairs that can be experienced for example in the rear part of the Erse Park in Uetze, so that a harmonious overall impression is created. Although the origin of many of the rides cannot be denied, the impression of a permanent funfair is by no means created by the nice integration of the rides. At least, the Freizeit-Land Geiselwind easily manages to entertain its visitors for a few hours and offers a good price-performance ratio, which is why I would like to call the park Bavaria’s strongest piece of leisure, which makes the park’s slogan more accurate (but the competition in this federal state is very manageable).


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Jewelry hunt in Djurs Sommerland

Djurs Sommerland

The Djurs Sommerland on the Djursland peninsula has been on my agenda for several years. During this time the park developed as a kind of running gag between Hauke and me, because a visit was postponed, mostly based on the – nevertheless quite decent – distance. Since we hardly had the chance to meet each other within the last months, we decided to finally take the way.

Arriving at the park we unfortunately had to realize that the weather unfortunately does not show itself from its predicted side and will enrich us for some rainy hours. For this reason, the two main attractions in Djurs Sommerland couldn’t start right at the beginning, which caused a long queue at Skatteøen despite the empty park.


The roller coaster on Treasure Island combines the two main parts of the well-known water coaster layout from Europa Park, ironing out any bumps halfway through the ride and looking much more imposing, even though the ride is slimmer. The overall theming is also well done.

The journey begins, after a short speech by the skeletonised captain, the journey leads past an octopus towards the lift hill. Once at the top, there is a small gradient, which is followed by Poseidon’s notorious steep curve after the first block brake, but you can hold your arms up here without hesitation. After passing another block brake, the big gradient follows, whereupon a small hill initiates the first and only shot into the cool water.

Skatteøen is not particularly wet, but luckily not really dry either. Compared to the older model in Rust, the ride feeling on the track is much better, although the type of track system and the cars that go with it are by no means super-smooth.


In the same area there is also a Zierer Kontiki, a children’s log flume and an ABC Rides tower with tilting function called Sablen. This sabre offers a quite interesting and as usual satisfying ride. Just like its really free falling, and not tilting, brothers from the dungeons, the forces are quite pronounced. The tilting seems a little strange and to be honest only interesting from the outside.


Unfortunately, the flagship attraction of the Pirate section, Piraten, forms a self-contained unit in its own right, as it can only be reached via a separate path. Since its opening, Piraten has been the reason for amusement park enthusiasts to make their way to Djurs Sommerland, and not without reason, as this roller coaster, which looks pretty cute from the outside, has it all under control.

As soon as you have taken a seat in the four-part train, the ride goes rapidly upwards via cable lift and ends shortly afterwards in a powerful curve close to the ground. This is followed by a rather uneventful, even though quite steep, turn. On the following airtime hill you are lifted out of your seat by negative forces in a nice floating airtime, which is not offered on the next meters of the track. Now it goes a little bit wilder and the next three turns will be done in a brute way, which you won’t find so often. The airtime here is ejecting airtime at its finest and even Walibi Hollands Goliath is top of the class in its expressiveness, which is, among other things, due to the comparatively low altitude of these turns. A curve follows, whereupon two straight hills catapult you into the bar. Shortly afterwards the rapid ride comes to an end.

Piraten is without a doubt a great ride, although it is more recommended for fans of ejecting airtime. The ride is wild, powerful and fast and simply terrific.

Karlos Taxi

Lilleputland is completely family-friendly, at least for families with small children. Besides various children’s carousels, there is another roller coaster called Karlos Taxi. This is a, comparatively wild, wacky worm from Visa SBF, where even some leg room was available. When asked where to sit, the operator even cleaned the benches from the accumulated raindrops.

Ørnen and Colorado River

Passing some restaurants and countless trampolines, the way leads to a rather remote area, where the Ørnen ride is located, as well as the Colorado River log flume. Where the first one is a very nice example of a Topple Tower, a ride that is a little more exciting, although not less spectacular, than the prototype ride from the Belgian park Bellewaerde, the second is definitely worth a ride.

The log flume from Interlink has three shots of different sizes. While the first downhill run only lets you get familiar with a few drops of water, the second downhill run can be described as very wet. Although this is the smallest shot run, one should think about the slope at the latest at the, practically non-existent, run-out area. Soaked it goes then up the third lift, whereupon one gets wet in the run-out area of the final gradient too, but not in the quantities of the probably meanest little shot of a whitewater course out there.

Rio Grande Rafting

If you follow the circular route, you will reach the Wild West, where the Rio Grande Rafting is waiting for you. This Interlink rafting ride is not only beautifully designed from the outside, but can also convince in the non-visible sections of the layout. As soon as one reaches the station, one notices the strange transport system, as instead of swimming, the boats cross the round station on rollers. The following journey can show some peculiarities and lets the passengers, compared to most of the European rafting rides, not get out drier than they got in.

Wild West Karrusellen

In addition to two bumper cars and an electronic horse track, the Wild West Karrusellen complements this theme area. This inconspicuous chain carousel made by Zierer can stand out from almost all other wave swingers of the manufacturer because this ride is quite fast and the ride program is outstanding. Unfortunately, however, this model does not ride through ice-cold fountains of water, as is the case in Chessington World of Adventures in England, as this would be legendary when ridding backwards. But even without this wish the chain carousel is surprisingly good due to its forward and backward ride, inviting to make some more rides.

Jungle Safari

Probably the most typical theme area of a Danish amusement park does not turn out to be as absurdly racist in Djurs Sommerland as it was in Sommerland Syd, for example, as Afrikaland here hardly serves any clichés from times long past. Beside two carousels you can also visit the Jungle Safari theme ride. In two coupled banana-shaped boats, you will pass many originally designed scenes in which monkeys play the leading role. Even though the animatronics are older, they are still interesting to look at, such as the giant King Kong towards the end of the trip.


The Vandland, the large water park in Djurs Sommerland, should not be left out, because it complements a visit to a Sommerland on the one hand, and on the other hand the slides here are very good. As soon as you have come to terms with the more open-minded Danish culture, as there are fortunately no changing rooms, the fun can begin.

As soon as you have left the changing room you are in front of a large play structure with a bucket. To the left of this is the impressive Polin slide The Wave, where you can swing from side to side in a double tyre at a good speed, the small wave pool Honolulu Bay, and the inconspicuous slide Waikiki Surf School, where you lose control quite quickly. On the right hand side you will find a slide tower, where the tube slides are especially recommendable, as well as the tire slides Black Hole and Wild River, which both wind their way down an artificial mountain massif. But here, the Black Hole got stuck as the weakest slide, whereas the Wild River is really true to its name. The sloping positions that one reaches here and the wave fronts in which one boards in are really fun and guarantee one or two repetitions.

Thor’s Hammer

The roller coaster Thor’s Hammer was the first bigger roller coaster in Djurs Sommerland and offers a very nice design and a very funny layout, which many people might know from the Erlebnispark Tripsdrill.

The journey begins with a downward curve, after which an outward helix is completed. This is followed by four powerful hairpin turns, which are perfect for torturing your neighbour a little before you go into a helix combination. The following camelbacks are quickly completed and can lift you a little bit out of the car before you enter a final helix combination, whereupon the end of the ride is approaching.


In Mexicoland you can find since last season the Zierer Flying Fish Solguden, where you have to move your car up or down according to a song, otherwise the sun god takes revenge on the passengers. Although it rained all day long, it was impossible to follow this song, so every jet of water was taken along. If you believe the Danish song is hard to understand, you are mistaken, the directions to follow can be guessed well. The soundtrack of the installation is pretty good and can be heard throughout the whole area.


The roller coaster Juvelen is this year’s novelty of Djurs Sommerland and at the same time the only roller coaster in Europe where you get two times potential energy by a launch. The interesting aspect is that there is no braking in front of the second launch and therefore the ride flow is not unnecessarily interrupted.

After you have taken a seat on your quad the track leads into a preshow room where you can think about all kinds of things. The show itself offers good ideas for this, which of course cannot be understood without a knowledge of Danish and therefore has a lot of room for interpretation. On the other hand you can also think about whether such a friction wheel launch can convince at all, here I spontaneously thought of Alton Towers roller coaster Th13teen and its friction wheel sprint back into the station.

While the launch needs a little bit of time to accelerate to the car at the beginning, it is very powerful especially towards the end of the launch, which is further enhanced by the fact that the backrest is almost missing. This is followed by a right-hand bend close to the ground and a hill where you only take off gently, whereupon the powerful spectacle begins. In the form of a Bavarian curve, the train makes the first left turn, whereby the radius also becomes smaller and smaller. A right turn close to the ground around a stone arch follows, whereupon the direction changes rapidly and a half upward helix is completed. Back at ground level, the second launch follows and this one picks up incredibly strong, now the speed is at its highest level and a left turn close to the ground is now rapidly passed. Another change of direction follows and is emphasised by a rock structure with a waterfall. Shortly after, the direction is changed again and another bavarian curve is made, whereupon a high turnaround takes place. The following curve ends in a higher hill, which results in a turn close to the ground. Now two unusually curviless hills follow, the latter being the second highest elevation of the layout. Another combination of curves forms the end of the ride.

What you have experienced in the last 90 seconds can hardly be put into words, especially not when it rains, because this layout is truly amazing for a family roller coaster. While the first launch seems to be halfway normal, the second one is a big deal, which other roller coasters should measure themselves against. The pronounced forces in the curves, the length of the ride, and the high speed make Juvelen a roller coaster you should not miss. The predicate family roller coaster is at least excessively understated, only the height restriction of the passengers can remind of it. The jewel of the park is definitely the best ride on site, as well as the best launched coaster on the continent and in my opinion the best roller coaster continental Europe has to offer, after all the best ride is still in England.

Pictures Djurs Sommerland

Conclusion Djurs Sommerland

Djurs Sommerland is a park that really surprised us. There is hardly any other amusement park where the offer is as good as here, which is mainly due to all the different play activities between the rides. Here you can really discover something at every corner, like for example the quite well hidden Tarzanland. The roller coasters are all on a pretty good level and the rides, even though standard, are somehow special. Because of the great offer even a day with really bad weather becomes one of the best ideas you could have made on that day.


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On an expedition in Bellewaerde

Bellewaerde Park

The Bellewaerde Park is located in the Belgian province of West-Vlaanderen, which can certainly be declared by the city of Bruges as the most beautiful part of Belgium. Also, the roads are not as modest as in the rest of the country and the proximity to the French region Nord-Pas-de-Calais gives the park a more pleasant audience than for example at Walibi.

Tour of the park

Bengal Rapid River

If you enter Bellewaerde Park through the entrance A and go immediately to the left you will find the entrance to the Vekoma rafting ride Bengal Rapid River, which is located in the Indian themed area. The ride in the rafting boats, which most of you already have tested in the sister park Walibi Holland, is quite nice to look at. Unfortunately, due to the warm weather, it was very well visited. In the morning the queue just barely moved. Later the day, I had to get the ferry in the nearby Dunkirk…

Bengal Express

The second attraction in this area is the Bengal Express, a train ride in closed wagons in which you drive through the spacious tiger and lion enclosures. At the second turnaround the water treatment plant of the park is a highlight to admire – after all, this is even advertised via speakers. Overall a great ride, which should not be missed. Due to the nature of the ride, I would only recommend a ride if the train is still waiting in the station, as the ride duration is quite long. The generously-sized waiting area highlights the popularity of the ride.

Screaming Eagle

Located on the shores of a large lake is the theme area of Canada, which is home of the only visible attraction from outside of Bellewaerde Park: the Shot ‘n’ Drop Screaming Eagle, one of HUSS’ rare park versions. In contrast to the Space Shot towers of the manufacturer S&S Worldwide, which can be found quite frequently around the world, the system can shoot you upwards from a standstill position. In contrast to the rides, which could be found ages ago on the German fair circuit, the acceleration was very surprising as there was no hint whatsoever by the ride operator. Located in the Belgian wilds – without any houses surrounding – the ride’s noise level is quite low. Even through you can be of a different opinion as one of the riders. Overall the ride is rather tame compared with the S&S Towers, as there are basically no negative forces. The only big plus of the ride is its high capacity and the better launch.


Next door, the Shoot the Chutes Niagara by the manufacturer Interlink shines in all its glory. This type of flume is characterised mainly by its large boats and the resulting wave at the end of the shoot. This one however has only a limited effect on the riders, as it does not get you as wet as Cataratas Salvajes from the Spanish theme park Parque Warner or as Tidal Wave from the English Thorpe Park. At least, it did not disappoint as Isla Magicas Iguazu. On the bridge, which strangely does not lead from the exit of the ride to the other side of the lake, many school kids had their fun by letting the boats soak them on a regular basis.

The other attractions in this area are a Mack rides cog ride, a wet-looking dinghy slide, and the somewhat strange pirate boat from Huss. From 1 pm to 4 pm, you could visit the squirrel monkeys located on a small island, as a path runs right through their enclosures.

On the right side of the park entrance A is the Kidspark theme area, which consists of a medieval designed area, some traditional rides and a mysterious mansion, as well as a large climbing and slide complex.

Maison Magique d’Houdini

I don’t know why this mansion belongs to the children’s area, as as the preshow is not necessarily made for anxious persons even through the actual topic is not scary. After entering the Maison Magique d’Houdini you can find some exhibits. A film about his youth is shown, which burns away after a short while accompanied by a nasty laugh. After some effects and some tricks were shown, you will be invited to attend the biggest tricks of them all.

Where the preshow room is designed in great detail, the main room is surprisingly empty. Compared to other mad houses of the same manufacturer, there is actually nothing located in the middle of the room. This of course makes it easier for the ride operators, but it is not as beautiful to look at. On the sides of the room there are some fixed mirrors, which later reveal another function.

The actual ride takes a while until the fake rollover happens. The music does not remain in your memory for a long time after the trip. However, Houdini is well remembered, as his trick was not yet finished even after begging for a liberation. Despite the statement that we are in our worst nightmare, Houdini recalls himself and after the words “Ce que vous pensez que vous voyez n’est pas ce qu’il semblait. “C’est ce qu’on appelle l’ illusion” you finally get freed. The mirrors show an animated key.

Jungle Mission

Passing by some very generous animal enclosures, which mainly showed African species, we are entering the jungle section of the park. The main attraction of this area and one of the main attractions of Bellewaerde Park is the Towboat Safari Cruise Jungle Mission, where you cruise past some animal enclosures (quite similar to boat ride at the Erlebnis-Zoo Hannover). Not long ago, the ride system was completely renewed, which is why the Jungle Missions looks quite new for such an old ride. While driving, some water effects are activated, only a few of them refresh visitors directly. The African theme features some vintage animatronics, which alone does makes this attractions quite exotic and as nice as La Jungla of the Spanish amusement park Parque de Atracciones de Madrid.


The coaster with the longest queue on this day was the classic Zierer tivoli coaster Coccinelle, or Keverbaan in Dutch. Interestingly, the ride did not sounded like a starting jet, nor was it as slow that it needed additional friction wheels on the track as some other rides of this kind do. In fact, you could neither hear this ride, nor the air launched free fall tower tower from far. The design of the ride as the wildest ride of the wilderness is a rather strange choice for such a roller coaster, but it somehow works out perfectly. The surrounding walls and the roof over the lifthill are a nice feature.

River Splash, El Toro and El Volador

Next to the log flume River Splash and a bison enclosure there is the entrance to the Mexican section of the Bellewaerde Park. Here you can watch the movie Sammy’s great adventure in Dutch or French in the park’s 4D cinema or do a spin on the El Toro Break Dance. You can also find the only working HUSS Topple Tower outside of Scandinavia, named El Volador.

A Topple Tower of the manufacturer HUSS is a strange device, as it seems to be spectacular from the outside and the technology seems elaborate but the ride itself is rather boring. At least, the ride is not such a flop as the King Kong ride of Bobbejaanland, where neither the ride nor the appearance are particularly interesting.  The ride with El Volador resembles somehow a wave swinger when you drive it sideways, just way slower and with less degrees of freedom. You are secured by over the shoulder restraints as you tilt forwards. The best part of the ride are the synchronised water fountains, which unfortunately do not even wet your shoes.


A few meters from the ride, you can pay tribute to the first Boomerang ever opened. It’s actually a really good one and a worthy representative of this funny shuttle roller coaster build by the Dutch company Vekoma. Everything at this ride is build more suitable, as the ride station is not just a tent, it’s a Mexican temple. The ride in the 2nd generation Vekoma trains was surprisingly good, even through the sister ride in Walibi Belgium even runs a little bit smoother.


This year’s novelty is the indoor coaster Huracan, which has replaced the old pirate themed dark ride within the same building. From the outside you can see a small part of the coaster and you wonder why they did not added some more track to actually come down to the ground. After all, the ride is quite high above the ground. If you enter the waiting area, it does not take long until you arrive in the beautifully designed station.

The journey begins with a small dark ride section, guided by the elements of fire, water and wind. Afterwards, the lift helps to reach the maximum height of the course and after a short straight, the curvy first drop follows. After a small climb the curve leads you back into the building. Now follows a surprisingly wild and at the same time very smooth ride. One turn is followed by the next one. After a handful of curvy goodness, you slam into the brakes where a laser show is being held.

Huracan is a great indoor roller coaster. The pace as well as the forces during the ride a just awesome. The dark ride part at the beginning of the ride is well done and features some great music and light effects.

Pictures Bellewaerde Park

Conclusion Bellewaerde Park

The Bellewaerde Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Europe. Since I could only stay for 3.5 hours, I could not admire the whole package, but I’m sure I’ll come back someday.


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