Stoppelmarkt Vechta (2019)

When the Loopinggrufti Michael asked me about a visit to the Stoppelmarkt Vechta, I had to go. Albeit there was not that much points of interest from my side, there were a lot of points for Michael. After his disappointing ride on The King by the showman Zinnecker, we focused on the more exciting stuff. After wasting some time on Intoxx, we headed towards the Spinning Racer for a roller coaster ride. After a brillant ride on Hanstein’s Commander, I decided to take a ride on the Jetlag which I insteadly regretted, as I had to ride next to a drunken idiot, who constantly insulted me. I don’t recommend of visiting this funfair in the evening on one of the last days of the funfair, as the people over here just go crazy. Thanks god, it was time for us to head back, but just before we had an insanely intense ride on Kaiser’s High Energy.


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